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First CBT Confession: Fun times at a Christian university...

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Hello all!

Just a little story I'd like to share my first experience with CBT. It was actually absomewhat accidental result from some fun times I had at a local Baptist university. First of all, for those who don't know, good ol' southern Baptists are about as boring as a bowl of white rice. I was in the Marines at the time, and had been introduced to a girl at a friend's party. Now most people would look at me in my uniform as if I was the shining example of American Christian morals. Little did they know that under that uniform was an *** looking for a pussy or asshole to cram my tongue in.

When I met this girl, I wasn't sure what to expect. She was pretty, if not somewhat plain. She was peppy and very much had a strong relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus H. Christ. But there was something about her that made her seem irresistible. She was hungry for something she never had a taste of before.

After a few weeks of regular dating, we went for a walk around the university she was attending. It was an older school that was once a psychiatric hospital. After walking we found what we thought was a private place of our own. We snuck into library that was rumored to be haunted by the souls of lobotomy patients. A little scared, she held me close and tight.

We began making out and I slowly ran my hand down her back, and firmly grabbed her ass. She smiled and I could feel her breathing get heavy. Almost trembling, she brought hand down to my belt. She was a virgin and never had felt a penis before. Equally nervous and excited, she asked if she could touch it. With the biggest grin I had ever seen on her face, she reached her hand down my pants and firmly grabbed my hard cock, and worked her way down to my balls. She had no idea what she was doing, and just started wildly squeezing and pulling. It was at this moment I realized how much I loved to have my balls ***d. The *** turned into shear pleasure. I felt so *** but sure at the same time. 

She asked me what else to do, so I told her to go down on me, she fumbled around until finally getting the tip in her mouth. Not knowing what to do she again worked her way down to my balls, biting, sucking and licking everything from my gooch up. I ate her out for only a few minutes unt she came. She continued until I eventually blew a load in face, which she genuinely seemed to enjoy.

The relationship didn't last long after. She came to me one day and said she couldn't sin like this anymore. We went our separate ways after that. I took her virginity and she taught me things about myself I didn't know. After that wild night, my balls have never went unsqueezed since. And I also learned that sometimes the best way to find what you like is to just not be afraid to try things.


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