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Didn't really know Financial Dom(me?) Was a thing

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Hi, I'm fairly new on here and generally still a beginner in the BDSM lifestyle. I've heard of SugarDaddy but never financial Dom/FinDom before. Is it pretty similar and is it quite common? 


Honestly just sounds like exploitation to me 😂


It’s somewhat different as the guy is usually recieving domination (either as a form of ‘blackmail’ or exposure depending on what has been agreed). Usually subs who want this kind of service are using their disposable income to offer tribute or ‘blackmail’ money to the dom/me. To an extent it is exploitation but it is consensual exploitation at the individual ‘gets off’ on the idea that they are either pleasing their mistress or their personal information (pictures, embarrassing videos, etc.) could be leaked to family and friends (however as with anything an established understanding will have been reached with the dom/me).




it's something difficult to gauge how common it actually is.

one of the big issues of course with Financial Domination is a lot of people don't really 'get it' yet still have opinions on how evil it is.

One of the reasons it's difficult to gauge popularity is that guys who are into it tend to remain quiet for a few reasons (1) speaking of those who don't get it, many women do not get it, and it does open inboxes to messages from people trying to coax cash (2) often receive backlash from other guys for "enabling it" 

Which is ironic in ways.

I've spoken with many women who do have Fin Subs and there's a lot of difference ways things can play out - and there's a lot of different things that guys can get out of it.

Sugar Daddy is a form of Financial Domination.

If it's genuinely exploitative - it is bad

But if it's consensual exploitative from 2 (or more) people who are into and aware - then - more power to them.

Incidentally - it's not my bag at all, but I'm seeing my Mistress this week and I'm giving Her a small gift - some might argue that is Findom...

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