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do I look cute?

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I got home late today. No worse day to be late than your anniversary, or so you would think.  I find you in the game room, laughing at something your friends are talking about. You dont even know I am here yet. Perfect. I want to try something different. 

A little time passes, my tights are perfect length, laced lingerie under my robe. I walk up to you and run my fingers down your back. I love trying to distract you from your games.  I push my breasts against your back, my nipples are erected against you. I move your headset to whisper “do I look cute?”. Your eyes widen as you try to stay focused. Your anticipation shows in the cutest ways. I reposition myself on your lap, my pussy resting on your stiff cock. Can you feel my heat against you through those shorts? I feel you grinding against me so sensually. The match ends and you tell your friends youre stepping away. “Ill be back later guys, gotta —“ before you can finish your sentence, I grab the mic, “gotta please my woman”. Your embarrassed look suits you. We turn the game off and start making out. I love the way you suck on my lips, both, in fact. Before we continue, i pull out our new handcuffs. Placing them in your hands, I stand and face my back towards you, both hands behind my back, I say “Be my master” 
You know what I mean don’t you, darling? 
Dont just stare, handcuff me and say yes. 
The cuffs clasp around my wrists, I face you and kneel between your legs. I see your cock saluting me through those basketball shorts. I move my face closer, press my face against your massive bulge. I love rubbing my face on your cock. As you pull your shorts down, I get a nice slap on my face by your hard dick. 
“Master, please slap me with your cock” 

I will never get tired of feeling your dick against my face. Tell me, do I look cute every time your cock claps against my face? I stick out my tongue, begging for a taste. Mmm yes slap that precum on my tongue. It mixes with my saliva, putting an addicting taste in my mouth. My pussy is so wet from the taste of your cock, but I cant touch it. 
i feel your hands grip my head and pull me onto your cock like a sleeve. Every inch going down my tight throat. We pick up the pace. Please fuck my throat always like this. A nice throb from your cock means one thing. We are close to feeding time. I know you want to blow that load into my throat. You get more aggressive, fucking my face like a toy, but I like it. Before you cum, you pull out and spray your load on my face, marking me with your scent, wiping your cock on my lips, shoving it into my mouth to clean. 

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