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Still unsure how to approach this

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Hey, I've had my facesit fetish for a while now and I've only just come out of a long term relationship. We never explored anything fetish wise which was a shame but I lived with it, but now I'm single I wanna explore it but I just have no idea how to go about it. Like using this website I just aren't sure how to get interest or anything.


You could approach it in much the same way as you might try meeting someone for a vanilla encounter... online (plenty of fetish related/swinging/hook up/dating sites around). Check out munches local to your area (same as any evening out, just targeted more to your requirements).


However, when I think back to my (many)  years of being completely vanilla when it came to sex, I had ALWAYS indulged in face sitting. I hadn't realised it was classed as a fetish until I started to dip my toes into bdsm. I'd always considered it nothing more than a standard, rather like riding cowgirl as a change from missionary position!! 


That might just be saying more about me 😊, but I don't really think I'm quite that original.  My intended point is that even outside of fetish chances are you'll find someone who's happy to explore with and indulge you. A few encouraging comments at the optimum moment whilst between the sheets are likely to get a positive response. 


some general quick fire thoughts

- remember nobody owes you interest.  by being active on the forum and chat and contributing to discussions helps raise your profile.  But, talk about more than just your fetish and don't answer questions you don't know the answer to.  

- but also, being active in real life - munches, events, so on.

- be clear what you mean by facesitting - some may think it is oral sex, but from a fetish perspective it often isn't.  With more of a breath play connotation.  Different people have different ideas - so, I dunno, it can come across rude if you're asking strangers for oral!

- trust may take a while to build up.  the more confident you are the more easier conversations will be.

- for quicker results, pay a pro.  The amount of people who are "oh, I always had this fetish for so long and never acted onto it - and I'm single but my ex wasn't into it" - and, you know - save your pennies and book someone. 

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