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I know this is an age old question, but how does one find a sub/slave willing to live in?


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I have looked at both the internet (I know) and fetish clubs but can not find a female willing to commit to a 24/7 live in situation. Not just playtime but a lasting relationship. How does one find that perfect one?

Why not try build an online relationship to be more intimate before you get to commit your time 24/7

I think expecting someone to commit to that early on is a big, almost impossible ask, the key to finding that is developing a relationship just like you would any other. Spend time getting to know people, go on dates, find out what you have in common and slowly explore your kink at the same time, that way you find someone who wants to make a big commitment like that to you.

Remember a sub/slave is a real human being who has needs and wants and desires of their own not just someone who is created to run around behind you



Finding a 24/7 live in slave is like finding a wife/husband in the vanilla world so you should go about it the same way. Relationships work the same way in this lifestyle as they do in any other, they require lots of hard work and commitment 


relationships need to mature and mellow and live-in is generally a little bit further down the line.  It takes a lot of trust to move in with someone on a D/s basis and, to be honest, as well meaning as you probably are most people would see people pushy for a live-in as being a massive red flag.

Let things develop naturally.

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In the traditional way of meeting someone.Id be interested in becoming a live in slave but it would take a lot of time and trust to get anywhere close to giving up my present lifestyle.I own my own home which has taken a lot of time and money to achieve.I suppose the answer is to love someone,stay over at weekends and eventually not go home very often.I can imagine wanting to keep my home as a retreat in case things go wrong.Sadly i think asking Master to allocate a space in his dungeon for me isnt quite as simple as it seems.
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I am willing to be your live in slave

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