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pants pooping


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This morning on the way home from the shops I had the wicked idea of pooping myself just before I got home.

I felt like I was almost ready to go, but had decided to use the loo at home instead of the supermarket.

My SO was at work, so the house was empty.

The time was around 9.15am - the time everyone in the street was on their way to, or at work.

If I timed it right I could do it just before the house, to minimise any possibility of running into the neighbors.

As I reached the top of my street I started to give some pushes to prepare and slowed my pace a bit.

I was two houses away from home when I felt as if I'd be able to push a BM out.

As I walked up the pathway to the front door I managed to squeeze a tiny wet shart out.

Just enough to leave a sizable skidmark.

I went inside and had a big poop in the loo. Instead of wiping I used my butt plug and had some hand fun.

I think if I prepare better (tight undies, aim for the same time of day, hold my poop in the day before) I can make this a regular thing.

I might practice some stand up pant pooping in the safety of the garden this weekend.

Anyone have tips or similar ideas?.


When I'm in my miniskirt and tights, I poop into them at night on my way home from the bar, lovely feeling!

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I don't understand your reply.

Can you explain?

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I think its so hot to full youre pants with a good load of poop.


I love pooping in my pants. Feels wonderful 

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As an update to my original post.

I've tried to make this a regular thing, but it's actually quite hard to poop whilst walking outdoors (who knew!) 9_9

I have been training myself by doing the following:

Before I jump into the shower I line the inside of my undies with toilet paper.

This makes it easy to clean and has an added bonus of being a nice feeling.
The soft padding and additional weight around my butt adds to the anticipation of what's about to happen.

When the TP is in place, I stand up and try to push a poop out.

It's easier than walking around, as you can focus on the muscles needed to push, which you don't usually engage while standing, so it was a good first step.

As I made progress with this I began to move around a bit.

For example:  Moving from the bedroom and bathroom, gathering my towel and gown etc.

(This is closer to what I want to achieve - pooping while walking)


To prepare each day, I practiced holding in, so I'm good and ready - timing is everything.


When I'm done, the poop is already nestled in TP, ready to drop into the loo and I can wash down in the shower.

This is just training after all.


I'll try the outdoor pants poop on my daily walks again once I get back to work.

If I struggle while walking outdoors at first, my plan is to stop and tie my shoe laces.

This will give me time in a more familiar bent over/squat position.


Not sure who finds this interesting, but it's not a topic I could discuss with the family over the Christmas dinner table 😁


If you're into scat or poop, I'd definitely recommend trying tp in your undies.

It's become my daily treat.

Thanks for reading.


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