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Collar handling


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Tips on handling male sub roughly by the collar

So maybe a few things to watch out for, as the neck is a very fragile area (With any sub)
- Carefully, in regards to pulling back against the throat. Adam's apples (and the female equivalent) can very easily bruise or block the throat.
- You could argue to only ever pull the collar away from the throat. If using a leash, let them lead, have very little tension if walking behind them. Don't yank, in any direction, too violently.
- If you'd like to practice choking, do it directly (from your hand to the neck) it gives you the most control with pressure. Trying to *** a neck using a collar will (funnily enough) really *** someone, but not in a fun kinky.

There could be a few more things to work out, but I'd say this would be a good start. As always, just remember awarenss of risk and someone's limits 😊. You wanna have fun, but not at the expense of anyone's health. Enjoy!
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