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The Toy, Part 4


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So many thoughts were going through its mind as it knelt there, waiting for Master and Mistress to finish their drinks.
What guests?
What would its job be later?
Do they plan for the guests to use it?

Their empty cups were put on the coffee table, the toy collected them to wash up.
it went back into the room and knelt before them asking to use its bucket to pee.
"But cunt that means we have to take all that tape off and toys out" said Master.
"Yes Master, its been holding as long as it can Master"
"Go to the bathroom cunt"
it crawled to the bathroom and knelt by the loo, it didnt quite understand as its bucket was next to its cage.
Master followed it.
"Get in the bathtub, kneel arse up head down" he said
it done as instructed. it felt scissors start cutting the tape knickers off, it tried to hold in the toys but it was no use, they both shot out from its holes and it started to pee.
"Oh dear oh dear oh dear, peeing without permission cunt, thats not good"
"its sorry Master"
it tried to move its elbows it was resting on to avoid the pee.
'Whack' Masters belt landed across its arse. it let out a squeel and quickly moved its elbows back in place.
"Get showered and clean the bathroom top to bottom ready for our guests, when done stand at the door".

it got to work straight away, making sure every surface was wiped down, all bottles faced up, toilet scrubbed, no loose hairs ect.
it waited at the bathroom door ready for inspection, eyes down.
Mistress eventually appeared.
She looked around and then came over to it.
"Good little pet, see you can do a good job" as she patted it on the head.
Mistress grabbed a nipple and pulled it into the bedroom. She put a belt around its waist, then took another longer thinner one which had a black box threaded on it. She looped the belt over the waist one at the bellybutton, went between its legs making sure the black box was wedged on its clit/cunt, then looped it up at the back and done the buckle up as tight as she could pull.
Mistress told it to dress in its black slip and crotchless tights, making sure its tits were pulled out for use.

Once ready it went and knelt by its cage.
Master and Mistress came over to it,
" stand up, wrists out" Mistress told it.
She put on its metal cuffs with 12" chain, and also its ankle cuffs with a slighlty shorter chain between them.
A muzzle gag was put on its face.
"There, so cute" she said.
ZAP ..... it squeeled as it felt the sharp pain of electricity between its legs, so thats what the black box was it thought to itself. Part of a shock collar.

Ding dong went the door bell,
" go answer that, take our guests coats and then kneel by the tv facing us" said Master.
it felt so much panic, not knowing who was at the door, how many, thinking about how it looked.

it opened the door, it looked at the 2 people standing there, it felt some relief, it recognised them from a previous social drink they had all had several months ago, well the toy was simply brought along with Master and Mistress.
it took their coats and hung them as they walked by it not geeeting it, then made its way to the tv as instructed.
Master said " You have met before our little cunt, it will be helping us tonight, it will refer to you both as Sir and Miss, would you both like some drinks?"
They replied with what they wanted.
ZAP ......(mmmmppphh)
its eyes watered a little.
"Make those drinks cunt"
it got up and headed to the kitchen,
ZAP..... (mmmppphh)
it could hear them laughing in the living room. it returned with a tray of drinks then knelt back by the tv.
The conversation flowed as did the ZAPS, drinks and snacks for a few hours.
From the corner of its eye it could see Sir whisper in Masters ear.
Master got up and left the room.
When he returned he put a hood over its head with only nose holes.
He re-chained its wrists behind its back and linked the chain between the leg chain so it was kinda in a kneeling hogtie position.
it felt some leather cord being tightly wrapped around the base of each tit, so tight it thought they would burst, instant tingling and warming sensation. it knelt there anxious about what would happen next.
Master said " if you move then ZAP" (it squeeled)
it stayed as still as it could. About 5/10 mins past.
it heard a clunk followed by a stinging on one of its tits, then again and again. They were shooting something at it, it was nerf gun bullets.
Normally they wouldnt hurt too much but on tits bound as tight as this it gave quite a sting.
Of course a few went wide and Miss laughed saying the hood was definitely a good idea, safety first.
After they had had their fun, eventually the evening was over.
The hood was removed from the toy and the chains put back in the original position. its tits still bound it looked down and saw all the red dot marks, along side this mornings marks. it stood up and went to fetch their guests coats and opened the door for them.

Master and Mistress smiled at the toy.
"Well done, we are proud and tomorrow a treat for you before you go home, go clean the glasses and kitchen and wait at the door".
it done as instructed and waited.
Mistress came for inspection, all was good. She untied its very swollen and sore tits. Removed its gag, and belts.
" go pee in your bucket and get in your cage".
They let it sleep with just its wrists chained that evening as it had been so good.

Morning came, Mistress bent down to its cage...
"Ready for your treat? " she smiled with a twinkle in her eye....

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