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How to safely find people For DP

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I'm in a committed long distance relationship for years and an sexually satisfied when my partner comes and visits me. Because my love language is physical touch, I can't help but get very lonely most of the time.

I want to experience threesome or DP real bad but that's just not my partners kink. In this case, How would you safely and discreetly arrange DP for myself? Where to find people and what are some polite ways to ask for their recent STD testing results? Is there somewhere I can hire somebody (like a gangbang coordinator) to arrange everything for me?… just horny and curious

Hello Rue1008,

 It's very simple as a woman it's fairly easy to find someone to have sex with. As far as std test, just ask them prior to have sex with them.

Furthermore communication is essential key to this type of lifestyle


In your communication, be clear about what you are looking for, as well as your requirements. Insisting on pictures or a physical print out of recent, clean STD test result is a common sense and very reasonable requirement. Use that as a basis to weed out anyone unwilling or unable to provide that, which will narrow down your search. If I were in your area I would be very happy to participate, but putting what you’re looking for in your bio or add should get you plenty of interested people to choose from.
Yeah it’s possible to arrange that sort of thing but I’d recommend joining a club and getting to know some people rather than jumping in with strangers which would be a very risky move. If it’s not your partners thing, then he needs to get on board with your needs but make sure your safety comes first. I have arranged that for my subs in the past but I have always been there to ensure it follows the strict code of the D/s dynamic. I’m there to satisfy the needs of my sub and make her fantasies a reality but with her safety first and foremost.

I'd firstly keep your partner informed every step of the way.

there are people you can pay/hire - usually those working professionally in the sex industry.  Be aware, of course, that while they can provide STI results, they will have been with others since the results and of course there is the incubation period

Going to swingers clubs can be a good way to meet people who you would like to do this with - you don't have to jump into anything on the first night (and if you want to do things safely, then, I'd advise not) but you can people watch, and have conversations with folk and use this to gauge your safety

STI testing is really important but there are a couple of things to watch out for.  

If I got tested today, it wouldn't pick up anything in the incubation period. A lot of STIs are 7-10 days, but some are 3 months.   Equally, if I tested today, got results back, and picked something up tomorrow - then - well, that's the risk.  In filming it's typical to ask for STI results within 28 days of the meet, i.e. if I tested today that would cover me up to Dec 29.  But some ask for 14, or even, 7 days.   

Having a vibe that folk are practicing safe sex and taking their sexual health seriously is about the best you can do for building trust there.

I get where you are going I’m an old slut and I’d also Like DP and a gangbang and I’m too old for clubbing! My suggestion is like minded individuals like weed them out on here Or other websites that you are on! Make sure you get Test Results in hand not hear say! Good luck!

a lot of swingers clubs have afternoon events so you don't have to go clubbing ;) 


actually as well on STI results

you have to be familiar with what you are looking for and also what you are asking for (and also what you are being tested for yourself) 

you would want your bloods as well as the piss test and two swabs, you might not need the swabs from the men

but there is a problem, especially in the US, of folk faking results.   Because of this you really want some of what is known as Talent Testing in the US which is a little more expensive, but more difficult to fake. This usually means results are online and behind a password 

in the UK it's varied. Some clinics have paper based results and, of course, paper based are easy to fake.  Some clinics do have an electronic system and some of this is a little more secure 

it's important for you to understand different systems and which ones you would accept and can reasonably ask for

Some of the free/cheaper tests are easier to fake, but some of the more expensive ones may be unreasonable to ask for 

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