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Where to post a Seasons greetings a little bit late...

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Across all the Forums would be nice because not every member visits all the different forums...I am hoping that my photo of the card that inspired me to send you my seasons greetings...although a little bit late...will be allowed..I think you know where to find it..!

To Fetish.com...Members I have got to know and members I have'nt

To Serena in particular...I can be a nuisance when I have a bee in my bonnet about an issue..Thank you...

I chose this card because it brought back fond and sentimental memories of my "younger days"..I did want to use another description which is more apt..but I did not want to take the risk of not having this post allowed..

The picture on the card is a true reflection of the village where I was brought up in.!..I hope that Christmas Day morning ..now in the future...you will all wake up as I did as a youngster.., look through frost covered windows and look in amazement at a different world...to see Squirrels bounding through the crisp and thick snow looking for their well hidden Nuts..!

Maybe  spot a Robin, of even better a family of Robins..and come downstairs to a crackling log fire.!

Christmas Eve was the first time I was allowed to see the real tree which my Grandparents used to get from a local forest in the middle of the night....never got caught....!

Presents were opened on Christmas Eve ..with the main present left to be opened on Christmas Day...As a Polish belief...and as Polish traditions go, If you were lucky enough to wake up to a White Winter Wonderland...see a Squirrel or two foraging for food...and a Robin..in Poland it was a Kestrel...you would be blessed with Good Health...Good Fortune..and Happiness.!

Quotes that I found...do not know by whom...

'Christmas waves a Magic wand over this world and behold , everything is softer and more beautiful..!'

'One of the most Glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the Living room on  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...don't clean it up too quickly..'

' Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of Hospitality in  the hall...the Genial flame of Charity in the Heart "

' Gifts of Time and Love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas '

' Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and Listen '

' At Christmas..All roads lead home.'

May everything you wish for come true..!

CASSIE and Karla...my adorable King Charles Cavalier




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I am disgusted by the reply I had about my photo of an Xmas card that had so much relevance to my seasons greetings to you all...Not rude....or had any reference to any company..!

It did not break any guide lines as far as I can work out..!

In the season of goodwill it is unbelievable that some one is sitting in their office looking through their book of guidelines and cannot understand the well meaning intentions of a member..I would like to know the reason why the photo was rejected.I do not want be given the well used excuse about not adhering to the guide lines.I want to know specifically what guidelines were broken...Cassie...Maybe this is one for Serena to look into ,,


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