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I write poems!! Still... Got too many...


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I got poems... A mod told me I could post them here... Hope it's cool. Idk I just write them hope they aren't bad.
Rhymes and Times

you know when you say a ryhme
and you realize yeah that was mine
and you decide to give it a little thought
but god forbid a break is a crime

now you changed your state of mind
to go back to your daily grind
haven forgotten what you said
not remembered even in bed

you know you arent full of led
your heart beats with what's said
the very words that make your *** red
also flow through your crazy head

but no break for a few word
because that is only for nerds
these few words if ever heard
will do more than any other word

this is why i write this is why i fight
for might, for light, because its right
Surely, your poetry is a singular expression of your love, beauty & passion.

As a woman, you’re aware that true love/lasting love, is limited to that which we freely GIVE, without any reciprocal expectations or desires.

As an artist, you know vulnerability & shine courage as a component of your fine work.

Doubt & insecurities? That’s the other guy’s problem!

Bless you in your romantic pursuit!

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