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Move Me

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Move me. Push me, pull me. Stand me

upright, my balance off-kilter in sky high

stilettos, my torso tipped back to lean

against yours. Your arm tight between

my breasts and your hand wrapped firmly

around my throat. Press me down, face

in the covers, arms tied behind my back. Legs

parted and straight, back arched. Make me

***, my center of gravity trapping me

in position more firmly than your hand

in the small of my back. Put me on my

knees, elbows reaching skyward, my hands

chained at the nape of my neck, held there

by links of silver snaking all the way down

to the hook embedded in my ass. Make me

use my mouth, my tongue, to please you,

capturing your bobbing cock and taking it

into my warm, wet heat. Test my gag reflex,

see if I’ve learned last week’s lesson. Now,

bring me up, put me on my hands and knees,

take me. Fuck me, rail me, pound me, fast or

slow, however is your wish. Just move me.

I would kill to have a lady do that to me..
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