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How to sell feet pics? Help?


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Hi! I’m really new to foot fetish/pics and to selling feet pics and things of the like. But I honestly have no idea what I’m doing lol. I’m not sure where to start or what the prices should be. I made an Instagram page for it, but I’m barely getting any reach. Any ladies (or fellas!) have any success on selling foot pics? Where did you sell them and how did you sell them? I’m so new to this, and advice would be greatly appreciated!!! :) 


Disclaimer: This isn’t an ad about my feet pics, it’s just a little forum asking for advice and for some help. I don't know foot fetish/pics. Once again, I really would appreciate advice from you guys. Much thanks xoxo :) 


your post is fine - but remember people no ads to sell :) (or buy)


Ooh, foot fetish/pics is a topic once I start on I go on for a while (hmm... article idea...?) 

the challenge you have is that you come into this as someone who is unknown, trying to sell something that is free in abundance on the Internet.

In terms of pricing - this is actually up to you - it's what you feel pictures are "worth" but again others have to agree with you in order to make a sale.   

The first question I have is what made you decide  to monetise foot fetish/pics?  I know there's recently been some articles in newspapers that haven't entirely been truthful (one doing the rounds had someone claiming to make thousands from selling socks, but it neglected to mention she was a retired porn star!) and I think a problem is that people see others do it and try to copy without fully understanding.

As I say - this is something freely available on the internet so there has to be a reason why people want YOUR feet.   Instagram is a little hive of activity - and it's a mixed bag, the more followers the more chance of selling but the more timewasters and a lot of this is really a case of spamming up keywords and getting involved in little circle groups of other people to give shout outs to, but again, everyone wants in these groups so you have to almost have something to stand out. (i.e. your own large follower base) so it becomes a catch 22.

The more of a "profile" you build for yourself the more people see you as a "foot queen" or "foot model" and "not another lady with camera" and this can be from a mixture of free and paywall content - being able to sell customs or uncensored.    

There is a bit more revenue in clips - but - this does invovle being set up with a clipstore, anyone can do this - but it takes time, it needs ID and there's usually a minimum payout so when you've sold some clips and sat on $20 and feeling great but that was after a month and it's $150 payout... it is a long game.

If you wish to make quick money from foot fetish/pics, then this probably isn't going to happen.  If you're willing to invest time into a long game it has chance to be more fruitful.

Could you pm me your insta? I would love to check it out

So I’m going at this from a slightly different angle to you... but there are similarities.

I looked at my motivation for wanting to get involved in foot fetish/pics and it comes down to the fact that the dynamics really get me off. I want people at my feet worshipping me. Domination and humiliation really turn me on. That’s my real interest in this.

So, I’ve gotten started not with the intention of making money. I’ve started talking to some footslaves, finding my feet so to speak (pun definitely intended), learning how to enjoy myself but also being able to identify, respond to and satisfy other people’s kinks. You’ve got to put some effort in.

You will not struggle to find willing footslaves to practice with.

Now that I have my confidence I am making it clear that I will only engage with slaves that are prepared to tribute me (initially small gifts they would like to see me use - stockings, socks, lotions  - building up to things like shoes and pedicures) I also offer to send items to them (used shoes, socks etc) at their cost.

So that’s the stage I’m at, where it goes from here I’m not sure... but my advice to you is if you’re just looking to make money you have ALOT of competition and it’s gonna be tough. If you really enjoy the fetish as a whole you can have so much fun and get pampered along the way!


I think TFG's approach is an extremely good one.

That the best way to learn how to market to people's kinks is to learn with them.  Putting feet pictures on the internet and wanting money for more foot pictures makes you look like the hundreds of other ladies who do the same and this can be off-putting to some guys.

I've noticed some guys who have their favourites it's nearly always someone they feel is understanding of the fetish.   There's bits I think is difficult - but the belief that you're "into it" adds to the experience above the belief that "you just want a few quid" 

The short-term returns on time/investment/effort are a lot lower than the mid/long term which is why so many ladies give up.  But, if you're enjoying exploring foot fetish/pics anyway - then you at least have that in the short term.

I did this briefly. It was really very simple to set up but very very time consuming. Like you I set up an Instagram. But I checked out what others with a large amount of followers were doing. Hashtags are a insta best friend. Also there's numerous pages on there with people who will happily advertise you and help you with what to post for free. I made a little pocket money but it can be risky with how you set the payment up. In the end it was asking for too much time and with too many people asking for freebies or Joi videos. But it is very simple and easy to set up :)
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