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Inspection (A poem inspired by Katt)

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Inspection pose. Stand tall, back 

straight, chin up, eyes forward. Hands

tucked up into my hair so he can't 

see how their clenching the strands

white-knuckled. Hold the pose, for

the love of good keep the nervous 

smirk off your face. The bratty one, 

too. Don't frown like it's taking all

your brain cells to do this. Relax…

alertly. Keep your attention fixed

on Sir. You can't look at him, but 

that doesn't mean you aren't 

exquisitely aware of where he is. 

Every. Single. Moment. Your heart

speeds up when he prowl around

you, disappears from sight. When he

pauses behind you. What is he 

looking at? Has he found a flaw?

You lengthen the line of your back.

Flinch then quiet it when something -

the tip of the crop in his hand - glides

along the inside of your thigh. "Wider,"

he says. The word comes with a firm tap.

You inch your legs further apart, trying

to calm your breathing because you're 

not a dog, you don't pant. Not unless

he wills it. And right now his wish is

poise. Posture. Perfection. And as always,

his wish is your command. You hold, 

ignoring the ache in your arms, as he

moves in front of you once more. 

Eyes straight ahead, smother the moan

as that crop tip teases your nipple.

"Good girl," he whispers. "Good girl."

And his pride is your pride. Good girl.
Love it!! 🥰 My Heart is racing reading it! 😬😱

I always look forward to reading your poems char I feel like I get a glimpse into your world its fascinating and so sexy. I always hold my breath I realise when I'm reading them ;)

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Love the poem it's nice x
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