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I am curious what is the best homemade toy That you made? Was it a Flogger made from macrame? Crochet restraints? Maybe a paddle from a cutting board?

For me it was Mr Hopsy. I made a bunny fur flogger, but hidden under the soft fur was knotted leather cord. Sadly Mr Hopsy was stolen and destroyed by someone in the community I was in at the time.

Leg spreaders that also clamped to the bed post.
Made a fairly wide spanking paddle from leather. Two pieces sewn together, with a cheap steel ruler glued inbetween to add stiffness. The ruler made it really springy, which is fun. It slaps like a big, heavy hand.
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Slave display unit number 1.
You can see it in action at onebarprison*

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Hogtie harness, with added quick release clips for safety.Ā  Im lucky to have a brilliant leather supply shop here for all materials, tools and extras.


Id did many moons ago make a vac bed, but found trying to keep the latex subtle after usage and long storageĀ problematic, it also even take apart took up quite a bit of storage space i couldn't afford to justify how infrequently it was getting used.

I made my own spreader bar with cuffs welded to it.
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Yes i have a paddle made from an old wooden bread board.
Iv made my own suspension bars and crosses that hung from my shed and a timber dining table turned milking table.
Iv used as an anal toy or thruster, the top of bowling pins, an empty lava lamp for anal stretching/training, baseball bat and anything else i can safely enjoyšŸ¤£
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