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A Night of Precipitant Sparks


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Susan was much more sexually reserved than I and it took me nearly two years of marriage to even begin to lure any of her sexual fantasies out of her. I knew she had them, since she was a very creative person, but she was reluctant to share them. I think out of her embarrassment; however, I kept up a frequent trend of discussing sexual topics with her until eventually she felt more comfortable talking about most subjects dealing with sex between us, as I slowly introduced her to and expanded upon my many perverted, and often sadistic preferences. We went on a vacation and when we arrived at our hotel, I asked her to join me for a drink in the hotel bar. We got on the elevator and headed down. Sue sat at a table near a window, overlooking the view and away from the noise of the lounge as I walked to the bar to order our drinks. As I stood waiting, I noticed a guy at the bar staring at Susan.

It would've been easy to mistake her for being alone since I'd come straight to the bar. I could see he was checking her out, his eyes lingering over her repeatedly. She had her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and was dressed casually, wearing a sheer white blouse with a black tank-top under it. The blouse was unbuttoned and showed her cleavage and the full roundness of her tits.

She had perfectly sized tits to suit her petite and athletic frame, yet without making her look too top heavy, but with unusually outward bloated, puffy areolae and very thick, inch long nipples she had a real hard time hiding, even with heavily lined bras. And she hated wearing bras because they irritated her nipples. Her tanned and muscular legs were crossed and extended from under the table, topped by a short pair of tiny white shorts I loved on her because of how well they accentuated the taut, sexy globes of her firm little ass. The bartender handed me our drinks, but I hesitated for a moment to watch this stranger admire my wife. She was checking messages on her phone and oblivious to him. He finally broke his gaze as his friends pulled him back into their conversation and I made my way over to the table with our drinks.

I made a toast to being on vacation, saying I hope she has a chance to relax and enjoy herself. After some small talk my thoughts returned to the guy who'd been watching her. "You know, there was a guy over there really checking you out while I was at the bar." I said.

"Oh, no there wasn't." she responded, slightly embarrassed, "No one would be checking me out."

"Yes there was. The young guy over there in the blue button down shirt. He was most certainly checking you out. I watched him the entire time I was getting our drinks and he seemed to really like what he saw." A slight blush rose to her cheeks as I continued to speak. "What wouldn't he like? You're beautiful, extremely sexy and your tanned legs are absolute eye catchers."

"You're so full of shit." she said, even more embarrassed but loving my compliments. "I'm just another married woman and I'm not even dressed to impress."

"It's what makes you so sexy, though. It's what attracted me to you in the first place. You were casual and laid back, not even trying to be cool or sexy. You've always made the natural look work for you." I took a sip of my drink and made an animated glance under the table at her toned, tan legs, raising an eyebrow and smiling. This drew an instant smirk from her as she sipped her wine.

"You know, I'd love to sit in a bar and watch guys hit on you. Just sit away from you and watch them check you out, come over trying to hit on you and have you flirt back with them." She stared at me with her mouth slightly open over her raised wine glass. "A lot of the girls I dated in college I knew as friends long before we went out and I saw them get picked up in bars many times. When we dated and eventually hooked-up, it always turned me on to think about the other guys I knew they'd left the bars with. You've always been hesitant to tell me about any of your past hook-ups so it'd be my chance to see you in action."

"My past really isn't very exciting, I've told you so. Besides, I bet I could sit at the bar all night long and not one guy would come up and talk to some frumpy married woman sitting alone."

"You're not a frumpy married woman and, besides, you'd be surprised. Women sitting alone attract men like *** in the water attracts sharks, we can smell you a mile away." I pulled my chair closer around the table to her and spoke softly, "I bet you'd have a guy hitting on you in a matter of minutes, definitely before the end of your first drink. I'd just sit off a bit and watch him undress you with his eyes from afar, because he would. Then he'd come over and try to start a conversation. I'm guessing you'd act uninterested at first, not making eye contact and forcing him to put out more effort. He'd offer to buy you a drink and then, as it was delivered, you'd finally make eye contact and engage in the conversation."

"After a while he'd casually put his hand on your knee and you might shift yourself toward him a bit, showing a level of physical attraction. As his confidence grew and hormones began flowing, he might add some sexual innuendo into the conversation as his fingers began lightly stroking the soft skin of your leg. Taking cues from your responses, he'd try to get closer to you, leaning into you and putting his arm around the back of your chair. I could imagine you turning your seat toward him and opening your legs slightly so the hand on your knee could move to graze his fingertips on the inside of your thigh. Then, depending on how crowded the bar was, he might either try to move his fingers up your thigh, or just proposition you to return to his room for a drink."

I could see she was aroused, as the *** had rushed to her neck and face. She stared at me with semi-distant eyes, as if still deep in my words.

"Well, am I very far off?"

"I'd be so embarrassed if another guy hit on me, and besides, I'm not interested in anyone but you. I wouldn't even know how to act."

"I know you're not interested in anyone else, it's why I'm sharing this with you. I'm totally certain your lack of interest is a fact." I let my words sink in for a moment before asking, "So, what would you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would you let him caress your thigh, maybe even touch your cunt? I mean, let's imagine you were wearing a skirt. Would you let his hand go under it?"

"I don't know."

"Close your eyes and think about it. There's no harm in thinking about it as it's just you and I talking here. Would you let his hand go up under your skirt?"

She took a big gulp of her wine and closed her eyes. "I don't know, I might. Depending on how he looked." I could see her breath deepen and the blush in her cheeks and throat increase.

"Think about his hand easing up your thigh." I whispered, watching her as she fell into the image in her mind. Her legs shifted apart ever so slightly. "Think about his fingers slowly rubbing up and down your thigh, moving higher under your skirt with each pass until his fingers brush up against your cunt lips. Would you like it?"

Her eyes opened slowly and she took another drink of wine. "Yes." she said in a soft breathy voice.

My heart was pounding and my cock had grown stiff while I talked. "I want to take you upstairs and fuck you right now." I threw some cash on the table and offered her my hand as I stood. She gave me a devilish grin and nodded. We almost ran to the elevators and entered the open doors. I punched the button for our floor and got behind her. As the doors slid shut, I started kissing the nape of her neck and pulled her hips back into my bulging pants.

"Oh my!" she stammered, "You seem to be all worked up."

"It turns me on more than you can imagine." I said, letting my hand course across her belt and down to the sexy wide gap between her upper thighs at her crotch. I could feel the heat through the thin cotton of her shorts as I pressed it into the broad expanse of damp meatiness the fabric covered. "Seems I'm not the only one who's worked up."

The elevator doors slid open and we walked quickly down the hall to our room. I opened the door and she took two steps inside, spinning toward me as the door clicked shut. Her mouth was open wide as she pulled my face to hers with both hands. Her tongue was in my mouth desperately seeking mine and she let out a soft moan when they met. I quickly slipped her blouse off her arms as I ***d her backwards into the room. I pulled her tank top over her head and grasped her full, firm tits, kneading them insistently. We made it to the side of the bed and I threw her down on it, dropping down and kissing the sexy little swell of her otherwise flat and workout toned tummy.

One of my fetishes was for her to induce lactation in herself so I could drink her breast milk. The most noticeable side effects of the hormones she was taking with her vitamins were to swell her tits as they bloated with milk and to increase their size while bloating her areolae and nipples even more, as well as give her libido an extra boost so her arousal level increased to new extremes. She was pleased when her tits swelled with milk and happy when her nipples grew, dripped milk and throbbed. She was utterly out of her mind with orgasmic ecstasy when she found she had the most powerful orgasms ever when I sucked milk from her hard, engorged nipples and relieved the inner pressure of the milk bloating her tits.

So now I moved to her long, fat, erect nipples, taking each of them in my mouth and sucking hard on them. Nibbling lightly to make them even harder. My tongue coursed around each nipple, sucking deeply and drinking down big mouthfuls of warm, sweet breast milk before I glided down to her stud pierced belly button, where I dug my tongue in and swirled it. My hands unbuckled her belt and released the button of her shorts. I pulled the shorts down slowly, letting my tongue follow them down. She lifted her hips off the bed to let the shorts pass easily.

Since she hates wearing bras it really wasn't too hard to convince her to go pantiless as well, simply by citing all the health benefits of having fresh free air movement to let air circulate and evaporate so much of the moisture from an otherwise very damp, warm area where bacteria and yeast incubating and generating are encouraged by wearing them, rather than discouraged by going without. As I pulled down her shorts revealing her fully hairless pubic area, I was once again amazed at how flawlessly, baby skin soft and smooth the laser depilation treatments I'd gotten her to have done left the sun tanned fleshy pudenda and mounds of her wide and outward bulging, thick and meaty outer labia. The upper juncture of them framed her abnormally long, thick clit I'd paid to have a doctor very carefully pierce, installing a large diameter, thick gold ring through the hooded base of it, to hold back her hood and keep her clit perpetually erect and hard, sticking out straight like a baby boy's erection, it's tip pearlescently pink helmeted and shiny, only then to have it be continually rubbed and stimulated by the fabrics of the clothing she wore, keeping her always somewhat aroused.

When the shorts passed her knees they fell to the floor as she kicked them off with her sandals in one motion. I pulled my head back slightly to admire her beautiful cunt. I could see her slit glimmer with droplets of wetness and knew she was more turned on by our earlier conversation than I had imagined. As my tongue traced the outline of her cunt lips, I could taste her sweet juices and smell the heat from within. I ran my tongue back along the inside of her left thigh and back up it's length, pausing to breathe faintly upon her cunt lips before I made a similar track along her right thigh and back. When I let my tongue brush the outside of her lips, I could hear her catch her breath in anticipation.

Instead of giving her the immediate pleasure of my mouth, I stood and pulled my shirt and shorts off. She remained laid back on the bed with her eyes closed, never glancing at me and I knew her mind was flashing with the images my word descriptions created for her, so I half laid beside her and continued making up sexy scenarios, with her as the central seductive temptress and the various men in the bar as her suitors, vying for her attentions. I ran my stories through several different twists, including her sitting being approached as if she were a prostitute, trying to lure johns to take her back to their rooms for an hour of whatever they were willing to pay her to do for their satisfaction before she left them sated and drowsy to go back down the bar to hook up with another john. I had her squirming and wriggling her ass, rubbing her sexy body all over me as I lay next to her, filling her thoughts with naughty, sexy ideas throughout letting my hands glide back and forth from her knees, up her thighs to her hips and tummy, and finally to her tits. I leaned over and kissed her deeply on the mouth. "Would you have allowed a guy from the bar do this?"

"Yes." she whispered.

"I want you to think about being in some guy's room. His hands all over your body. His face buried in your gushing cunt and then his cock pounding you."

"Okay." she moaned breathlessly.

My hand crossed across her tummy and between her legs. My fingers touched her outer lips and I couldn't believe the amount of slimy wetness I found there. I slowly let a finger part her lips and slide between. She was hotter and wetter than I could remember since our days of dating. Her juices ran down my fingers and the insides of her thighs. Her back arched at my touch and her legs spread open invitingly. I pulled my fingers to my lips and tasted her for the first time of the day. I traced her juices across her own lips and kissed her deeply so we could both taste. I lowered myself down the bed until my knees were on the floor. I spread her legs with my hands and could see the juices running from her cunt. I buried my face into her wet gash, licking up her juices like a man who hasn't had water in days, sucking them from her inner folds. I pushed my tongue deep inside her and she let out a strangled moan. Her clit was completely swollen and sticking straight out an inch and three eighths, the thick gold ring holding the hood back out of the way as the big ring twitched with her every heartbeat. I took it between my lips and sucked on it lightly, pulling gently. She gasped and her hips bucked forward, driving my face into her cunt.

"Make me cum, now! God, fucking make me cum!" she gasped.

My tongue immediately went to work, coursing rings and figure eights around her clit. Her hips move methodically with my tongue as she fucked my face. Each push of her hips brought fresh gushes of juices forth from her cunt. She began to whimper and moan with each motion and soon my face was covered with her orgasm.

"Fuck me now! Oh God, please fuck me!" she screamed.

I stood and spread her legs further apart, putting the head of my nine inch cock at her wet hole. "Are you sure you want this guy to fuck you?" I asked.

"Yes, yes I need his cock inside my cunt now!" she yelled.

I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside her and found her even hotter and wetter than before. She hungrily pushed her cunt against me to get more cock inside. With one swift motion, I rammed the entire length of my cock inside her. She let out a scream and immediately began quivering with another orgasm. I pushed her knees back to her shoulders and began fucking her hard. Each thrust made her juices spray out, splashing across our stomachs and down my legs. We were soon in a huge wet puddle on the duvet. She was moaning with each thrust of my cock and I couldn't tell if she'd stopped orgasming, or was still in a prolonged orgasm. Her face was completely red with passion and her mouth open, gasping for air as she moaned and wailed.

"I'm going to blast strange sperm inside your horny cunt, you wantonly straying wife!" I moaned as I rammed into her, my climax overtaking me ***fully. The head of my cock was pressing against her cervix and I could feel my hot sperm pulsing and spattering her insides as it was filling her. My shoulders shivered while I continued to pound into her, feeling my hot sperm mixed with her cunt slime. I pulled out of her and watched my sperm drip from her red cunt and run down her ass crease to pool on the bed. I fell beside her and pulled her face to mine for a deep kiss. "You are amazing!" I gasped as I breathed heavily.

"You haven't made me cum so hard in a long time." she replied with a dreamy smile. "It was awesome."

We fell into a deep sleep entwined in the bed the rest of the afternoon, both of us exhausted from the unbelievable sex. When we awoke in the late afternoon I made reservations for us to go down to the restaurant for dinner that evening.

When she came out of the bathroom from getting ready for dinner, I could only gape open mouthed at her standing in the room wearing a simple, but sexy, black dress with a very low cut front showing off her great tits. The hem came to mid thigh, enough to exhibit her beautifully athletic and tanned legs. She had on nice black ankle and toe strap, five inch high stiletto heels, flexing her calves and tilting and showing off her sexy ass and the dark makeup outlining her beautiful brown eyes made them look so big and innocent.

"Wow!" I said, not taking my eyes off of her. "I'm going to have a hard time competing for you tonight. You look fabulous!"

She blushed and demurely replied, "It was what I was going for. I don't get to do this very often."

We strolled into the restaurant and saw the place was packed, so we checked in with the hostess and went to the bar to await the call for our reservation."

After a couple of drinks and some more sexy talk, she looked me in the eye. "Our fucking this afternoon was amazing. I can't stop thinking about the fantasy scenes you've described, how hot they make me feel and how extravagantly erotic and intense our fucking was as a result. I keep thinking how great you've made it all sound and I wonder if I should be scared of what you may be planning, but I can't wait to fuck you again."

I took a big swig of my drink to build the courage for what I was about to say. "What would you think about doing it tonight?" I asked.

"Yes!" she whispered, "I'll definitely fuck you tonight."

"No, I mean yes, but no." I stammered. "What if we followed through on part of the fantasy tonight?"

*** immediately washed across her face and she almost dropped her glass of wine. "Oh my God, are you serious? There's no way. I don't want to fuck anyone else, I love you."

"Just calm down. I'm not talking about you having to go through with anything. I think it'd be fun just to try the flirting part we discussed." The *** in her eyes slowly faded away and her jaw relaxed.

"I never thought you were serious about any of it. I thought you were just talking. I can't imagine actually sitting at a bar and trying to pick up guys."

"Honey," I said in my calmest voice, looking deeply into her eyes, "I've always had a fantasy of you fucking other guys. I don't know if I'd even be comfortable with it, but I've often thought about watching you let yourself go and lose your inhibitions, indulging your own most arousing fantasies and determined to pursue their achievement in total, all-out lust with strange guys. If for no other reasons, than just to see you from a third person's perspective of observation and to show the extremes you can allow your arousal to extend to. You sitting at a bar flirting with some guy would be an entertaining happy medium. You'd be in complete control and it'd only go as far as you wanted it to. As far as you picking up guys, the way you look tonight would draw them to you like ants to a picnic."

Her eyes dropped to her glass of wine in deep thought. I could tell she was thinking about it, but not sure if it was still in panic or in earnest. When she looked back up at me, I could see a merry twinkle in her eyes.

"I wouldn't even know what to do. Do you know how long it's been since I've flirted with anyone but you? I'd just be dopey and nervous and probably come off like some dork."

Just then, the hostess came to seat us. She led us to a secluded booth for two near the windows in the back of the dining room. A small candle burned low in the center of the table offering a nice ambiance for our talk.

The waiter visited almost immediately as we sat down. I quickly scanned the wine list and found us a nice bottle to enjoy with our meal. After he left, I leaned closer across the table and talked just above a whisper. "It'd be fun. I'd be sitting as close as I can without being too conspicuous. You just need to sit at the bar, enjoy a drink or two and look bored. We're in a town with hundreds of businessmen and military men on station and on leave. They'll find you. All you have to do is hold down your end of a conversation, flirt if you want to and see what happens."

"I don't know. I'm already nervous just thinking about it. Look, I'm shaking." She held up her glass of wine showing noticeable ripples across the top.

We continued our discussion over wine and dinner. She didn't seem to notice I wasn't allowing her glass to go below half-full. We agreed we'd go to the sports bar in our hotel. I'd first find a table near enough to the bar to be in constant eyesight of her, but far enough away no one would notice me observing. She'd then find a seat at the bar, order a drink and wait to see what occurred.

After the first bottle of wine was emptied, I noticed her becoming more enthusiastic and involved in the planning as I also watched her huge nipples grow and tent the thin fabric of her sexy dress, a sure sign of her arousal. I'd often wanted to pierce her nipples with very large and thick gold rings like her clit, so they'd also stay at their largest dimensions on a perpetual basis. The problem is, she has to be able to express her breast milk to relieve the inner pressure on her glands, which she then refrigerates, as we both rely on it for casual drinking with our meals. So big rings pierced through her nipples would interfere with the expressing cup fully sealing around her nipple and areola and prevent the vacuum the process needs.

As we ate we talked and laughed about picking up others when younger and on our own. Both recounting how fun it was to be young and single, not knowing if or who you might end up with at the end of the night. We laughed about drunken mishaps ending in ridiculous outcomes. It was obvious she was getting into it.

"I'm still nervous," she said as we waited on the bill, "but excited. You promise nothing will happen?"

"I'm going to be less than twenty feet away from you. If some guy ends up being an ass, you just need to excuse yourself to the restroom and give me the sign." We'd agreed if she hooked her purse on her shoulder as she walked away from the bar, it meant I should meet her at the restrooms.

As I unclipped my credit card from the waiter's little tray and signed the receipt, she tucked her lips close to my ear and whispered, "This has made me really horny."

I turned my head and stared into her eyes, laying my lips firmly against hers. "Me too. Just remember, you're in control, you can do anything you want to and we can go up to our room whenever you like." She nodded in agreement as we walked across the lobby to the sports bar.

I went in first as she went to the Lady's room off the lobby, and, as planned, I found a table close to the bar. It was close enough to hear a normal conversation at the bar, but not so close I'd seem intrusive. I'd planned to seem interested in emails and texts on my phone while Susan sat at the bar. No sooner did I sit down than she strolled in. She looked beautiful as her eyes twinkled and she swayed seductively to an empty bar stool. I noticed she'd removed her wedding rings, as we discussed earlier, agreeing it'd be better to attract men.

A group of five or six guys in their thirties had been deep in a conversation across the bar, their discussion stuttering to a halt as several heads turned her way to watch her take her seat. One of them, a dark haired, rugged jaw line guy with deep-set eyes, was definitely checking her out. Susan ordered a glass of wine and took a huge gulp of it as soon as it arrived. She then stared off at one of the televisions in the bar. I kept an eye on the guy across the bar and saw him gaze her way several more times as he stayed involved in the conversation with his buddies.

After ten minutes I could tell Sue was getting nervous and fidgety at the bar. I was afraid she was going to get up and leave. But then I realized I'd lost sight of the rugged guy. He was no longer with his group. I casually scanned the bar and saw him making his way around the bar toward Sue.

There was a couple sitting to Susan's left, but there was enough room to her right for this guy to sidle up to the bar. He ordered a drink but didn't make eye contact with her immediately. I could see by her posture she was tensed, so she must've noticed him. Once his drink arrived, he shifted his weight so he could glance at her in his peripheral vision. He took a drink and turned his head slightly toward her. He said something and I quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to hear anything. Susan's head slowly shook in the negative and he went back to his drink. He shifted his body weight again, opening his posture to her a bit more as he said something else. I saw a smile cross Susan's face and color rushed into her cheeks. From my own experience, I was guessing he paid her a flattering compliment. Her body relaxed and she scooted forward in her seat as she turned to talk to him, which caused the skirt of her dress to slide up higher, showing off even more of her upper thighs, although I doubted she was in the least bit consciously aware of this much sexier and seductive effect.

Over the next several minutes their conversation became more engaging and both of them were making eye contact regularly. After a bit he moved closer to Susan, putting his arm on the back of her seat. I was slightly surprised she wasn't getting uncomfortable at this point, but she was being more openly flirtatious with him, leaning more toward him, with the fullness of her tits then filling and straining the deep split cleavage of her enticingly revealing dress further open and her nipples visibly tenting the filmy clinging fabric of her dress into outrageously obvious towers. Her hand, on several occasions, touched his arm or his hand on the bar and I could see she was actually enjoying the conversation.

The nuances of flirtation continued as their conversation did. The seat next to Susan opened up and he sat down. Almost immediately, his hand disappeared from my view and I had a hunch it was on her knee or thigh. Sue stiffened and glanced my way nervously. Without being obvious, I took a drink, winking and nodding to her, encouraging her to continue. My mind envisioned his hand resting on her knee somewhere just below the hem of her dress, caressing it lightly. I was hoping she'd go with it. I could see she was excited, but still nervous. He turned his head away from her for a moment to look toward his friends and she caught my eyes and tilted her head to the exit. I sat my drink down and made my way toward the bathroom, knowing she'd excuse herself shortly thereafter.

We met in the short hallway near the restrooms, out of eyesight from the bar. "Are you okay?" I asked, smiling as she walked toward me, "What's his name?"

"I don't think I can go through with this." she said, "His name is Trevor and he's starting to get close to me. I'm getting really nervous and feeling too aroused. I need to know you're really okay with this, because whatever happens can't be undone and I don't want to ruin our marriage."

"Relax. I'm more than okay with however far you want to take it and anything and everything you decide to do." I said, trying to reassure her. "You look smoking hot and he's just doing what every other guy in the bar wants to do. When you go back in there, sit down facing him and leave your legs open to him."

She started shaking her head. "I can't do that." she replied with a tremor in her voice.

"I'm not saying spread them wide open to give him a bald snatch shot, just far enough apart as a signal so he knows you're interested. See what he does and go with it. Remember, I'm just ten feet away so nothing you don't want is going to happen." I could see her calm down a bit. "Are you enjoying this?"

"Well, yes. I am. He's handsome and funny."

"No, I mean are you enjoying this? Are you really turned on?"

A blush immediately rose to her face. "Yes." she whispered sexily.

"Are you wet? Are you thinking about him touching you, do you want him to?"

"Yes, I'm really wet, and yes I want him to." she said meeting my eyes.

"Go back in there and have fun. Let him know you're enjoying it." With this, I turned before she could say anything else and returned to the bar, taking my seat without looking toward the guy.

Sue entered the room a few moments later, after going to the restroom to freshen up, and, she later told me, to dry herself off. Trevor immediately caught sight of her and arose to offer her seat. As she sat down, she turned directly toward him. I saw him look down and knew she was offering him more to see than she had before. He sat down, but moved closer to her than previously so their faces were much closer. He had one hand on the back of her stool, but the other was below the bar and probably further up her leg than before.

Their conversation resumed, but seemed much more suggestive. At times, he bent in close now, whispering things directly into her ear and his hand gestures seemed to involve brushing against her stiff nipples. I could see a sultry smile cross her face and their eyes met on many occasions. I was getting very aroused now, knowing she was not just into this, but encouraging it to go further, her legs being widespread enough now he very likely was getting views of her bald cunt and I was guessing her cunt was probably getting wetter by the second. At one point, Trevor leaned in to tell her something and I thought from the lurch of Susan's posture he'd moved his hand far enough up her leg to penetrate the naked, soft, smooth and slimy wet flesh of her cunt, which assumption she later confirmed. Her mouth opened as she closed her eyes momentarily, dropping her chin, but then she opened them again and met his gaze and nodded as she said something in return. He arose from his seat and made his way toward the restrooms.

I saw Sue pick her phone up off the bar and a text buzzed across my screen. "He asked if I want to go to his room for a nightcap."

I typed back, "Do you want to go with him?"

"Yes, but I'm scared to death."

"It's your call. I'm good with your decision. Think about him touching you, kissing you all over. Think about him between your legs. Think about his cock fucking you." I responded.

Before she could respond, Trevor came back into the bar and sat back down next to her and I could guess he was gauging her interest in his invitation. I saw her nod as she said something to him. He flagged down the bartender and handed him a credit card. As he was signing the receipt, Susan made eye contact with me. I saw a look I'll always remember. There was a twinkle in her eye and the predatory grin crossing her face was priceless. Trevor turned to her and offered his hand as she rose from her stool. She turned and sashayed out of the bar with him following.

As soon as they disappeared from sight, I was in a position of having to suppress feelings of panic and *** washing over me. I'd been so lost in the excitement and arousal of her flirtations, I'd never really stopped to consider the "what if" scenario. Part of me wanted to rush out of the bar and stop them before they made it to the elevators. I figured we'd been in the bar about an hour, more or less, so the night was still quite young. I took a big drink of my scotch and tried to regain my composure. She'll only let him get as far as she wants him to go, I thought to myself. I ordered another drink and slowly nursed it, imagining the sexual scenarios Sue was now opening herself up to with our experiment, finally heading back up to our room after finishing my scotch.

I'd gotten undressed and used the bathroom then sat on the bed watching the news for fif*** or so minutes without seeing or hearing any of it, when I heard the door lock open. Sue walked in slowly, looking slightly dazed and very ruffled.

"What happened?" I asked, meeting her just outside the closet door.

She rushed to me, forcing her lips against mine in a tight embrace. Her tongue ***d its way into my mouth in a hungry passionate kiss. I pushed her away so I could look her in the eyes. "What happened?" I repeated.

"We went up to his room." she replied, grinning a sultry smirk from ear to ear.

I pushed her back toward the bed and sat her on the edge. "I want details, every detail." I said, as I knelt between her legs. As she spoke, I started to remove her sexy heels.

"We got to the elevators and were talking about his conference and the hotel." she started. "As soon as we got in the elevator, he turned and kissed me. I felt like a ***ager at first, but then we started to make out and he pushed my dress off my shoulders and had my tits out and bared for anyone to see if the elevator stopped and let someone on and he was sucking milk out of them and groaning about how sweet it is while I was nearly orgasming. When we got to his floor he slipped my dress down off my hips and picked it up as he took my hand and walked me naked to his room. He wasn't exactly being gentlemanly."

"Okay..." I said, imploring for more as I leaned over her, kissing her neck as I unzipped the back of her dress.

"We got into his room and continued to kiss. He was a really good kisser. He pulled me closer and his hands went to my ass. I must've tensed up then, because he asked me if I was okay. I told him I was and kissed him again. I could feel him pressing up against me, I mean his, you know..."

"His cock?" I offered.

"Yes, his cock was pressing up against me and it felt really huge. His hands went all over me everywhere. I could feel him squeezing my ass, then one of them slid around the front. He rubbed my cunt and I could feel how sloppy wet I was as his fingers pressed into me."

My own cock was rock hard at this point. I stood her up and pulled the dress over her head, revealing her wonderful body. I sat her back down in front of me and continued to kiss her neck and starting playing with her tits as she spoke.

"Then, he slid his hand inside of my cunt and started to play with me. He put four fingers inside me and began finger fucking me hard and fast and I almost fell to the floor as he made me squirt like a fire hose everywhere. Then he started to play with my big clit and I could barely stand. I reached over and started to stroke his cock through his pants. He pulled away and took off his shirt and dropped his pants and stepped out of them. We started to kiss again as his cock poked out the front of his boxers, so I started to rub it."

I slid my hand down her tummy and to her cunt. I could feel the heat and slimy wetness immediately. I started to rub my fingers between her swollen, red, slime drooling lips.

"He kept playing with me and I orgasmed again standing there. I pushed his hand away and pushed him back onto the bed. I pulled his boxers off and saw how big he was. I climbed onto the bed and slurped his cock into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue."

My mind was racing. I couldn't believe she'd gone through with it, but I was more excited than ever.

"I gave him a blow job as he held my head firmly and ***d his huge cock down my throat and throat fucked me until he came in my throat. Your cock is huge, but he had to be at least an inch longer and quite a bit thicker. I kept sucking him and cleaning off his cock and, though it never really went soft, it started getting harder again. He rolled me over and got on top of me, then fucked the hell out of me as I kissed him over and over. He fucked me in three different positions and even fucked my asshole and he made me orgasm more times than I could keep track of and blasted his sperm into me four times, once in my ass, once in my cunt and the last time down my throat again."

I kissed her again, darting my tongue into her mouth. Now I noticed, I could taste his sperm on her lips. "What then?"

"He told me he was leaving in the morning. I kissed him again, thanked him for a wonderful evening, pulled on my dress and left him with the five crisp, one hundred dollar bills he gave me for fucking him."

"So, you went to some stranger's room, let him finger you, deepthroated him and let him fuck you and ejaculate in both your holes, got paid for it and came back to me, but only after you'd become an actual whore?"

She glanced up at me anxiously with a bit of *** in her eyes, "Yes?"

"Then I guess I'm wondering why you came back to me... instead of going back down to the bar and picking up yet another john. The night is still young and you could make a lot more *** to buy sexy clothes with tomorrow, so you can relive your fun excursions all over again tomorrow night."

With this, I stood up and pushed her back onto the bed face-first. "I want you to close your eyes and think about your stranger fucking you. Think about his cock in you and the taste of his sperm on your lips, how it feels to have your cunt and ass filled with strange sperm. Think about him paying for the privilege of using your sexual talents to satisfy his carnal needs. Think about how it feels to stroll triumphantly away from his hotel room with his cash in your purse and his strange sperm oozing down your inner thighs." I pulled her ass and hips into the air and pushed my cock into her wet, hot cunt.

She moaned as I slammed into her. She was so wet and slimy there was no resistance. I fucked her hard, making sure my cock was going as deep as I could get it. Within minutes her hips started to buck and she started crying out. She orgasmed with such ***, her juices were shooting out around my cock as I continued to fuck her. I climaxed shortly after, filling her cunt and womb with even more sperm as I pushed the head of my cock against her cervix.

I pulled out and sat back to watch the sperm drip from her cunt. I rolled her over and buried my face between her legs, lapping up the mixture of our ejaculations. My tongue then went to work on her clit, bringing her to another orgasm almost instantly as a cry escaped her lips. I climbed the bed and ***d my lips against hers, still wet with our juices. We kissed deeply for minutes, our tongues intertwined as we snowballed sperm back and forth between us.

I finally rolled next to her, looking at her and taking in the beauty of her ravishing body. "You are still all mine." I said.

"Only yours, even if I do whore myself out to other strange men." she replied. Then she asked me, "You really don't mind if I go back down to the bar again and practice perfecting my new trade with several more strange new cocks?"

I laughed and told her I loved her and if she is as deeply devoted to our love of each other as me and knows her heart is mine alone, then there's no call to restrain her body. In which case, I'd love for her to sample all of the sexual pleasures she can, as it could only deepen the intimacy between us. So by all means, go with my blessing and have fun, just be back to our room in time for breakfast in the morning and, to remember we still have three more days and nights here, so she needed to pace herself well enough to handle fucking all of her new cocks and still have enough left of herself, her sexy body and her energy to satisfy my appetites.

So, I managed to persuade my extremely beautiful, sexy little wife to enjoy fucking other men and enjoy life in general. Once she opened up, she became much like a predatorial huntress with the appetites of a nymphomaniac.

Our marriage was a very successful one for as long as she lived. We loved and cared for each other more than most other couples I know of. Her sexual freedom practiced so openly and honestly brought such an amount of trust and faith to our relationship it was almost inexpressible. This was exactly how my wife became a real life physically loving and sexually free woman with countless men chosen by her discernment and primal instincts.

So erotic and so very well relayed. Thanks for the read lol I have to say...I might have enjoyed it a little too much 😈😂
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