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Where are the best central London places for kink


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I’m a newbie and am looking for recommended central London venues for kink and places where we can be voyeurs and also have sex and join in with other couples 


Club Antichrist and Torture Garden are both amongst clubs that are both kink/fetish AND have couples rooms.   

I've never been in the couples rooms (not my bag) but I'm aware of course they need to be treat consensual and not as free-for-all (some people there for group sex, some for exhibitionism and some, even if they ARE there for group sex, you know - consent and that...)

But, of course - for sex/swinging general - not really my scene (nor the site for it) but a few google searches will find swing clubs

Or for kink/fetish in general - there's a fair few choices, and again some depends on what you're into - but I often recommend Club DVS.

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