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Best gags to use to keep sub quiet?

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I don't have any subs. I'll start with that. Personally, I adore Ball Gags, and they are the most popular choice. The aesthetic for the Dom to look at and me to witness myself, is beautiful. They're comfortable, even after after long durations, but don't lack their job of silencing/muffling. They're flexible for different roles, fantasies, kinks and play too.

It's important to note the Sub's experience, likes, interests, comfortability, as well as yours. Too big, too soon can be overwhelming for you and said Sub. We don't want that!

I love the Advanced Balls (with attached nipple clamps) but that's personal preference. These usually have sturdier material such as leather for the straps and metal as the ball (not all). There are Beginner Ball Gags (more flexible material) and Breathable with holes, which are more suitable for newbies.

Apologies if you knew most of this already, I just filled out what I could, given there was no mention of experience/preference, etc!

Hope this helps, and Happy Muffling😉💦
As you know, there are many types of gags. Ball gags , spider gags, rings gags,and even didldo gags. My guess is a didldo gag would be most effective. However, another thought came to me as I was writing this. With all due respect is your Dom/Dome has choosen to gag you, my assumption it is a signal to the submissive to “shhhhh,” So be a girl/boy and shush. If not perhaps a cloth with was it Tabasco or a little vinegar and the gag. Just me two cent. Hope it helped 🤪
No subs but from a sub..... mouth stuffed and then tape wrap, everything else im very 'chatty' through 😂, i like them because i can let everything out (scream), other ones i tend to hold back because of noise pollution/police being called 🤣
As someone who’s tried the gags before using them on others… the ball gag with a panel over the top is highly effective, but as LittleSoulTease pointed out there are many adaptations on them too.
Ones with nipple clamps are fun as long as that sub enjoys nipple play, but they can also restrict their head movement a little if they’re a feisty sub!!
Remember to keep it fun though!
R.A.C.K too 😊
2 minutes ago, Lord_Talion said:

Well, yes, there is that too!

I only use a gag for appearances and/or on request and my goal is not quiet. I like to hear his cries and whimpers.
Here’s one:
2 nuns in a bath, one says to the other
“Where’s the soap”. The other says
“It does, doesn’t it.
Inflatable cock with the leather mask works very well for me when im tickle tortured.
The key is filling there mouth and not able to breathe through it.
Just takes a little getting used to how much inflation so not to cause any gagging.
Steady wins the race
Gag em with panties
Mask mouth covered
Anything to shove safely in the mouth
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Bandanas are always my favorite. They can be tied tight. I enjoy how the tongue get the bandana wet with girly slobber ;)
Also good call on the panties.
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