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Urethral sounding and *** during urination


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The last couple of days I started trying urethral sounding this isn't normally something I would try mainly because I don't like *** but I wanted to try another way of having a prostate orgasm. 

Today was a lot better than yesterday was *** wise little to no *** at all and I got further down today but I did experience quite a bit of *** when I urinate.

I use plenty of lube and re apply lube as needed.


So here's my questions

Am I doing something wrong?

Is the *** normal while urinating after urethral sounding?

Will the *** during urinating stop after my body gets used to sounding?



The last 2 questions are a bit further away but I want to know if it will be worth doing all this to work up to a different toy.

I know question one kind of sounds stupid but it seems to me that it would be ***ful but I also thought that about urethral sounding in general which I now know is wrong for the most part.


Does a vibrating Urethral Sound feel good? 

Will a vibrating ureteral sound actually trigger a prostate orgasm?



Yes it will stop and the more you do it easier it will get one my favourite kinks I am up to 11mm ish. I have long short. Stainless and silicone try them all don’t *** it. Yes it can make you cum with vibrations but for me it’s the pulling it out and cummig or girls finger in there and being wanked off and push her finger out with cum. Tread carefully with it slow slow learn it yourself clean as you can be and don’t use lube that is tingerly type.

I’ve made myself bleed and pushed to much but learn your limits. Enjoy 😜
The type that’s scented or flavoured etc use just plain water based lube.
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I've been taking it very slow if I feel any kind of *** or discomfort I stop and just let the sound rest there.

The sound I'm using is 8mm and it slid right in without any issues.


I'm using a water based lube called MUKO it's like a gel stays put.


The fast movement is something I hope to try in the future as well as maybe a finger I've seen a few videos of that and it does look hot. 


Thanks for for your help.


Out out curiosity do you find it addictive? 


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Be careful of tearing I am slightly addicted to it now so been warned lol. I can nearly fit a bullet vibrator in now.

Yeah I'm a bit afraid of tearing I don't plan on going any bigger than the 8mm sound I have right now but things change.


I had a camera down mine once after i pulled out a fully inflated catheter accidentally. He gave my an antibiotic just incase the same day as he said you can pass things the wrong way. Maybe if you arnt going right into the bladder its ok but i remember trying this as a kid and got a wicked infection. Antibiotic lube anyone? Or just pee right after. Man i remember the stinging afterwards 30 years later.
I’ve sounds long enough that they go to the bladder if you play properly you can poke the prostate and you nearly can’t stop cumming makes you feel funny after. It only hurts the first pea it definitely gets better and easier but I am pure filth and kinda like the ***.
Iv tried it a few times and have the same issue.
I really want it to feel good but it never does.
Maybe an anal desensitising silicone lube might help.
Dont take my advice, i just thought of it.
There are plenty of other external cock toys like electrastim which works very well when combined with massage wands.

I’m curious about sounding as I’ve been asked to provide it. I have a question for those who have become stretched. Does your urethra just stay open wide now? Or is it simply flexible?
@pillowprincess so I think it’s like getting a urinary catheter, which I’ve experienced a couple times, never sounded tho, but your urethra doesn’t stay stretched out, and every time it felt ***ful to pee after
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