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Rope cleaning


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Hi team, 

Is there guidance for rope cleaning. I'm worry of hygiene issue if we don't clean properly. I often boil my new rope before using. Please share your experiance. 



I seem to recall hearing that some people used to wash their rope in the washing machine and use softner on it. Cant say whether that works or not, but I guess it would also depend on the type of rope too. 

I am old school. .I use electrical ties around wrist and ankles and rope to connect,post ,frames ect..Ropes don't touch the body .

depending what kind of ropes. synthetic or jutes? cold wash in washing machines, using a low detergent liquid.

depends how dirty they gets? is it an hygien issues? 

if you boiled them all the time they will weakened and not really safe for suspensions play.

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