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i'm such a naughty BUNNY!


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To live out my secret sexual fantasy for at least this one dizzy Halloween
night of nocturnal lust. The corset is a "charmed" device and once
trussed in the laces can be drawn to the absolute ***iest waistline
imaginable resulting into a perfect hourglass shape. Any hope of escape
will be dashed by the pair of excruciating arched ballet pumps that
keeps me ***ly on my tippy-toes. i mean in what other profession
does one get to wear such a sexy tightly corseted uniform with matching
bunny ears and fluffy cottontail? My very first mission is to beCUM sexy
eyecandy, the kind that’s makes all the male cocks in the room rise to
the full upright position, for i’m nothing but a sexual plaything for their
amusement. So, i step out from my closet "dressed" as a...


If understood correctly to be successful all GOOD Bunny girls needs what we call...
er... CLEAVAGE!!!
Since i don’t have pockets, i will accept tips by sliding them between the soft cleavage of my breasts, (a place we Bunnies call the "coin slot") i decided i shall purchase a pair silicone breasts forms to fill up my bra cups just for this purpose.

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