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How does a bunny go about finding a rigger?


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Fairly new to kink and struggling to know where to go or where to start to find a rigger? Are there things to watch out for when looking also?
I’d have it listed on your profile. More riggers will see it if it’s one of the first things they see. I have no experience, but I know to make sure they know to have trauma shears and how to use them as well as what to look for when they’d need to use them: numbness, tingling etc. Don’t be afraid to ask how long they’ve been a rigger or if they’ve taken classes. Don’t be afraid to take classes yourself or at least educate yourself. I watch YouTube videos to learn different ties. I got lucky and daddy has experience and even said I could practice if I wanted. So just ask questions. Good luck fellow bunny!
Very carefully.

First off, I feel that any bunny should be fairly well versed at rigging. At a minimum educated enough to be be certain the rigger understands safety. It does not take much to cause some nerve damage (or worse).

You will not only want to vet the rigger so that you can trust them. Once you are restrained, the rigger can do whatever they want type of thing.

You should also make sure that they are educated and experienced. At least enough to do what you plan on doing. For example, if you are looking at restraint, not as much may be needed. But if you are interested in suspension, you want to make sure they know their stuff.
I’d attend events. Ask questions, lots of questions. Don’t rush in. Share your interest and find fellow bunnys’ for their opinions. Like the others recommend, learn rigging for yourself. Knowledge is your best friend to stay safe.
I've found it very hard. I'm a bunny and budding rigger and I know more about ropes than any Dom I have played with ... annoyingly lol In my experience good riggers are rare and the ones I've found are either far or taken, or far and taken. So great for advice (I have some super helpful rigger friends on here), they're not available to tie me up (and then do other fun stuff lol)

I guess there's a good idea here 

For guys who struggle to find someone... become a rigger.  I don't actually mean buy a few lengths of rope - I mean, actually take a lot of time to learn and master the craft 

Subs who love rope really do LOVE rope - and - there really aren't all that many experts.


I guess for finding one.  If you were to attend a peer rope workshop, everyone there is interested in learning rope - you can then at least be introduced to people and see where their current skillset is.  It might even be that you can connect with someone who isn't quite an expert but has enthusiasm for learning and you can learn with them.

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Dont have the skill or Patient but I am mesmerized by the beauty and the function of the craft well done to anyone who likes to have fun LOL
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A true rigger does two things, and you can check for these before getting involved.

1. First, he must genuinely care for his bunny. You will know from the early conversations.

2. He must must must have a backup plan to get you out safely, in case of the unexpected.

Yes, he will want you bound tightly, and he should make sure you really like it , but no one gets anywhere from actually hurting each other.
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