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Hey all!!  My man and I are getting into the lifestyle, but more so, we are exploring our kinks and just plain having stupid fun.  We have our hysterical "adventures" of anything from lube explosions to falling off a bed to getting my nose stud caught on his dick (oops!) to eating ice cream and watching porn bloopers in bed.

Anyway, not too long ago, we started a sex bucket list of things we want to do or places we want to have sex.  Some things we have done are tamer, like the standard "sex on the beach" or at a weird location, to having sex while driving or having sex while on Facetime with another couple.  But we want MORE!  We are basically taking advantage of our mid-life crisis and acting like stupid teenagers any chance we get!  So I want to hear from YOU!  What have you done?!  What wouldn't you do again but was Bucket List worthy?  What is the craziest place you have done things?  What was something you did (a scene or what not) that we should do?  What are your kinks we should explore?  We are growing and exploring in ways to enjoy our lives together.  He was a self-proclaimed manwhore before me, but it was more of body count and getting his dick wet than adventure.  And my previous marriage was the definition of borrrrrringggggggggg.  We want ADVENTURE!!  WILD!  

We still have things to mark off, but when we are having "one of those nights," lemme tell you, we hit the list HARD!  We are 100% open to any and all ideas, doesn't matter what it is!  Help us out!  I am guessing some things you throw my way we have already done, but BLOW OUR MINDS!!  Thanks bunches!

Go to Google.
Search BDSM checklist.
Download and go through what each of you want to try/might want to try.
Literally tick it off as you do them.
Going to follow this if I may as a bucket list sounds amazing never thought on doing that as we have tried most things but we ever evolving and so some ideas you get would be a great help xx
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I think I’ll have a google too. I’m just starting on my journey of kink so I’m interested in how you manage to work it all out. 

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this is good topic.. myself trying toexploring and being more adventurous before I can't 😅.
so reading people adventures etc woukd be awesome way to see what I can try and 'oh wow I never thought of that' light bulb moment

Ok, let me update  you on what some of we have done and where we have done it just so you know where we are at with things.  hahaha.  

  • Under the moon and stars (cliché but in our state under the influence, it was awesome)
  • Bought a sex chair with attached restraints
  • While on the phone with our exes
  • On the beach (cliché again, but we did it in the bed of his truck so there wasn't sand in undesirable places)
  • Double Penetration
  • At a cemetery
  • While driving
  • Broke our bed restraints (decided that was bucket list worthy after the fact)
  • Went to an adult video theatre
  • Obviously did some role play and some dom/sub 
  • I passed out...literally passed out mid O
  • Flashed him at Wal-Mart...because why not?!  
  • In public

Want to do still:

  • At a truck stop, and bonus points for hijacking the truck and doing the nasty in it
  • At a strip club
  • At an adult shop
  • Female f*cks me with a strap on while I face f*ck my husband
  • Against a hotel window in a MAJOR city
  • On a cruise balcony (we want to go on a cruise this fall)
  • Couples boudoir
  • At a concert
  • On the roof of our house
  • In a photo booth WHILE taking pictures 
  • Mile high club (who's list is it NOT on?)
  • While riding a motorcycle
those are definitely naughty places... not sure abt the cemetery 😅😅, you must have hated your exs😂😂. for me most exciting would be long coach ride in Costa Rica😁, forest, swimming pool, and the cliché ones..
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