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If ***s Were Kinksters


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Sadists. The typical household cat. They'll catch a mouse, play with it before killing it and yet they'll not eat it.

Masochist - Honey badgers. They have extremely thick, rubbery skin which offers them protection against most attacks. They also don't give a 🦆 about anything. They'll think nothing of taking on a croc or lion. Good job all the Doms here identify as predatory ***s

Daddy/Mommy - Capybara's. Calm and compassionate. They'll adopt strays and offer transportation to monkeys and birds.

Exhibitionist - Baboons, they love showing off their arses. Bonobo's will engage in sexual activity anywhere, anytime and not just for reproductive reasons. They literally don't need a reason. Actually, maybe any species that starts with a 'B' 🤷‍♀️

Primal - Dragonflies. Maybe surprising but, the carnivores are all for show. A lion has a 25% success rate compared to the dragonflys 95%

Primal prey - Dik Dik or any of the smaller antelope. (Yes, I just used this one because I'm a child)

Mono - Penguins. They mate for life 

Poly - Most primates but, to mix it up, lions. A pride of 30 lionesses to 1 lion.

Brat - The Cunning Mr Fox, gets what he wants, with minimal effort.

Brat tamer -  Chimpanzees will react immediately but they'll do it with fun

Scat players - Chimpanzees again, they'll happily throw their faecal matter at you
8 hours ago, CopperKnob said:

Good job all the Doms here identify as predatory ***s

Poor Mr Cuttlefish will be bereft to be forgotten already 

3 hours ago, Aranhis said:

Poor Mr Cuttlefish will be bereft to be forgotten already 

But what are cuttlefish known for, I only ever thought of them as something parrots peck once they're dead and dried out 🤣

Cuttlefish love a bukake party!! A female will store packets of sperm in her mouth from several males before deciding which one she is going to mate with. Kinky little celapods plus they can change colour, shape and even texture and make themselves look like the other sex as well so could be trans and sissy too.
I hope there’s a Fet site for all these kinky beasts out there!!
Rigger - the spider. Spiders like to prepare and display their rigging style in advance. Carefully and meticulously crafting a web with intricate patterns, waiting for an appetizing meal to come around. Then, when the web gives them a tingling sensation, they'll move in on their prey, constricting their movement by binding them, rendering them ***ly tangled in their sticky rope. Spiders take great pride in their bondage art.
Unlike the boa constrictor, who may think they're riggers, but actually are just hypoxyphiliacs. ;)
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