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Pushy Anal Princess


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I wouldn't fuck her in the ass. She wanted it too much. She kept asking and begging for it. I wouldn't fuck her in the ass until she had earned in and I was ready.

She answered the door her a crop top tank top and no bra with tight form fitting leggings. Daddy and baby were going to watch a movie tonight. 

I sat on the couch. She brought me a drink. I have my anal plug in, she said... Just in case.

She commented on every female's ass in the movie. She asked if I thought they liked anal as much as she did.

I started rubbing her nipples, just to tease her for the last 30 minutes of the movie.

I slid my hand down her pants and she was soaked. I fingered her and fed her my wet fingers.

I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head down to my crotch. I fucked her mouth hard and fast. She was gasping for air.

I told her to get the lube.

She ran into the bathroom and ran back, lubing up my cock quickly.

I told her to ride me withy cock in her ass, so I could play with her tits and pussy.

She loaned out while she rode me 

Thank you Daddy, Thank you.

I rubbed her clit and nipples while she rode me with my cock in her ass.

She came while I rubbed her clit.

I put her on app 4s and fucked her deep, hard and fast IN HER ASS.


I asked her Where is it?

She screamed out... In My Ass.

So I came, in her ass.



Not bad I like parts of it. Lee
God damn I need a little anal slut like that
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