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I want to be a Speedo slave


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Hi all!


So, I’m something of a Speedo enthusiast. Regular trunks are so boring by comparison; a Speedo gives much less coverage, covering my penis and buttocks, but very little else. I like how it feels more snug and tight, and the material is much nicer than underwear. If I could, I would toss all my clothes and take a vow to only ever wear a pair of black Speedo briefs, and not a stitch more!


But, I also love bondage. The idea of being handcuffed and ballgagged, knowing I have no hope of escape without the key, is amazing. 


And so, I would like to be kept as a Speedo slave. I would only ever be permitted to wear a black Speedo as my slave uniform; a stitch more would be forbidden. I would be chained and ***d into hard labour in the day, perhaps tending to crops in the hot sun, or toiling in a mine. 


When not working I would be kept inescapably restrained. First I would be strip searched: all cavities would be inspected to ensure nothing was secreted, and my Speedo thoroughly inspected to ensure nothing was hidden. After being allowed to put my Speedo back on, My hands would be secured behind my back with several pairs of handcuffs, ratcheted as tightly as possible, as well as a pair of thumb cuffs. The key holes would be be kept facing upwards away from my fingers, and filled with blue tac or gum. Thus, even if I could somehow obtain a tool or key, escape would be impossible. My feet would be fettered similarly. A tight ballgag or panel gag would be strapped and padlocked into my mouth - the later being used to ensure that if I somehow got a key into my mouth, I could never reach it. A leather blindfold would completely cut of my sight, and earplugs would muffle any sound. I would then be secured to a bare bed or chair in order to rest, with my captor reaching into my Speedo and inspecting my penis one last time to check for keys or tools. My restraints would be checked regularly to ensure they have no mercy, and no hope of failure. 


Thus I would be kept as a Speedo slave, working faithfully, and having any sliver of hope for escape accounted for and squelched. Not that I would want to escape anyway :)

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