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(WLW) Vanilla Whip cream and Milk is my fantasy #lesbian #wlw #whipcream #foodplay


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I enjoy having sex with another woman. I'll be her chocolate drop, and she can be my vanilla, chocolate, or caramel frappe. I like them all, and I can go all day. I have boundless energy. We're going to need a glass of water by the nightstand because I'm known for raising the temperature and increasing the heart rate.

Real life Vanilla sex with a woman (2nd Date): 

I met her on a dating app and this actually occurred in real life. I'll never forget bringing massage oils into her bedroom. Let’s get right into it. While massaging her back with body oils, she let me grind my pussy on her ass. I even started licking her back from the ass cheek to the middle of her spine. And wala I found her tickle spot. I loved massaging and licking her right there where that tickle spot was. 


She was a beautiful white woman so I adored the glow our skin gave off. The massage oils dripped slowly down her back and ass. So as I kept grinding on her ass it felt so warm and I was getting so wet. She told me she could feel me and that really turned me on. Turned her around and I began sucking on her neck. I gave her hickies down her neck and underneath her boobs. I didn’t mean to give her a hickey but I could see the marks I gave her on her body. Her neck formed a kiss tattoo and underneath her boob followed the same exact mark. She was getting so wet and hot for me. I enjoyed giving her nipples nice subtle bites. Many people think the woman just enjoys her nipples and chest being sucked on. But once you’re really in the moment you will lick and suck on her stomach, underneath her boobs and ribs. 

One of my techniques I use on women to get them hot and ready like a hot pocket:
Grab her boobs and squeeze them together. Than lick her cleavage. Most women aren't turned on by simply licking her nipples and chest; you have to experiment to find her tickle spot. Like myself I don’t have sensation in my nipples. Idk why but it is what it is. Bite her nipples softly at first, then a little harder. I never bite her nipples too hard because some women are very sensitive. And I wouldn't want that done to me. 

Once you you bite her nipples, she will feel a sensation down her back. At least that’s what happens to me. My partner was sensitive so she mentioned that it was starting to hurt, so I just sucked on it. I sucked on her like she was my favorite vanilla frappe. I would’ve loved it if I bought vanilla whip cream that night. But the 3rd time I wanted to link with her again I asked if she wanted to try vanilla whip cream this time and that’s when we stopped fooling around with each other. I guess she wasn’t as freaky as me… 

Vanilla whip cream and milk fantasy:

I can’t wait to meet a woman who’s as freaky as me. During the summertime I’ll pour milk down her boobs and lick it off. Give her hickies all down her chest because I love sucking on boobs. And during the winter time I’ll put whip cream down her mouth and tongue kiss her very slowly and gently. Love making out and feeling her tongue slowly curling and intertwining with my tongue. I also love sucking on her tongue too. I will do all this while finger fucking her. 

When we pleased each other and we are both satisfied I want to take a shower with her and get all the cream off our bodies. Mmm I want to feel her wet body up against mine. Just rub my hands all around her wet soaking body while squeezing those but cheeks. Hump her from the back while pulling her hair. Put my nose close to her hair and sniff it while snaking and grabbing that ass. Put my finger in her ass. I would especially love her hair to be long. So whenever I feel like sucking on her neck or chest I can just pull her hair and turn her body around. I’d love to watch her as she plays with her pink pussy. Grab her into my arms and push her body up and close against mine. Start sucking on her sucking on her neck. While I’m sucking on her neck and ears I could feel the droplets in her hair drop onto my skin. Position her hair droplets to drop in between my thighs. 

I just want to lick, kiss and suck on her body all night. It’s been sooo long I need sex. 

Have you ever bought milk or vanilla whip cream into the bedroom? 

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Damn this sounds amazing 🥰🥰 I’ve tried whip cream before 🤗🤗
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