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Training Day for Sub


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I prepped her in the playroom.

She was on her knees facing away from the footboard of the bed. Her arms were spread out, with wrists bound to ropes tethered to the footboard. She has a blindfold on. She has a plug in her ass. Ball gag in her mouth 

I made her wait.

When I came into the room, I told her how pretty she looked.

I clamped nipple clamps onto her nipples and gave a firm tug on the chain.

I took the ball gag out of her mouth, and put my cock in her mouth. I made her swallow all of me, hold the back of her head. She gagged and choked, gasping for air. I let go. She breathed heavy and hard. I rubbed my slobbery cock all over her face and fed her my balls.

I proceeded to fuck her mouth slow and deep, making her take all of me. Then I would hold it briefly, then pull out. Fuck her mouth more. She slobbered all over my cock and balls like a good slut. Blind folded, she craved my cock in her mouth. I tugged on the nipple clamp chain when made her swallow me.

I put the ball gag back in her mouth and unbounded her from the bed.

I took off her blind fold and looked her in the eyes.

Daddy loves you and kisses her on the forehead.

I put her on the bed on all 4s.

Facing the bed was a mirror 

I got behind her and pulled out her anal plug.

I put my cock in her ass so she could watch me fuck her in the ass.

I slapped her ass and pulled her hair. 

She moaned through the ball gag.

I worked her deep hard and fast while she screamed out... Gag calming her moans.

I came deep in her ass, and I could feel her clenching her ass as I came.

Such a good slut.


Amazing wish it was me
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