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Not her ass


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I was fucking her from behind while she was on all 4s. My belt was wrapped around her neck. I tugged on it as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. 

He husband was in the corner of the hotel room jerking off while I fucked his wife. I worked her pussy fast and hard, tugging on the belt while she moaned out.

I stuck my thumb in her mouth and she stuck on it. 

I pulled it out and rubbed her ass hole with it. 

Oh yes she yelled out.

I put my thumb in her ass and she moaned more.

My ass she said.

I slid it in further.

Fuck my ass she said.

He called out, not her ass.

Shut up bitch, she snapped back 

I slid my cock in her ass in one long full stroke.

She moaned ... My ass.. my ass.. my ass.

I fucked her deep and hard and fast.

I asked her where it was 

She screamed out, your fucking my ass Daddy, you own me 

Her husband came all over himself.

I put my hands on her hips and pumped her deep and fast.

I shot my load deep in her ass grabbing a handful of her hair and tugging as my cock exploded.



Best story ever!!! Wonderful memories thanks for the walk down memory lane!!! Lee
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