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He sent her


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She was a hot wife. He was more than a cuck.

He paid for the hotel room. He paid for dinner and drinks.

She Facetimed him early in the evening when we were still in the room. My cock was in her mouth. She told him how big my cock was compared to his. She could swallow him whole and she could barely fit mine in her mouth and I tasted so good. 

I fucked her mouth and made her gag on my cock and tear up. 

He came all over himself.

I came all over her face.


She faced timed his again wearing a tight dress, showing off her curves. I bought a new dress with your credit card, Daddy liked it, but he won't let me wear panties. Off to dinner you are paying for.

After dinner, back at the hotel, she FaceTimed her husband again. I ripped the dress and split the seams. Totally destroyed. I fucked her mouth while he watched. 

I put her on all 4s and fucked her pussy. She still FaceTime him while I fucked her. He could see her face, and my dark shadow pumping her hard and fast from behind. He could hear her moaning out and screaming.

Your cock is so big 

Your cock is so deep 

Only you can make this pussy cum 

This is your pussy 

(He came all over himself) 

You own this puss. You own this pussy.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and came in her pussy while he watched







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