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Training doesn't stop on Vacation


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I took baby on vacation to Mexico. She had been such a good girl and Daddy had been so busy lately.

We were laying on the beach getting tan.

Baby stood up. Her hair was in pigtails, and we was wearing a tiny white bikini. Showing off her tan skin and not leaving anything to the imagination. Her tits and booty were out.

Daddy, I'm going to get us drinks.

Ok, baby.

A few minutes passed, and there were two guys chatting her up at the bar. She had both drinks in her hands. But still chatting.

She saw me looking and quickly came back.

Making friends I asked 

No daddy, just being nice.

Do you know what those two guys wanted to do? 

Daddy...um.... Daddy...

I will show you. Now, let's finish the drinks, go for a swim. We have massages before dinner.

After dinner we walked back to the room holding hands looking at the stars. She unlocked the door to the room and I grabbed her by her hair, and slammed the door shut.

You want to be the resort whore? 

No Daddy I don't 

Why are you acting like one? 

I pushed her on her knees and got her vibrator.

I pulled out my cock and fucked her mouth. 

She gasped.

I put the vibrator in her mouth and fucked her mouth with it. Then put my cock on her face, pulled out the vibrator and fucked her face.

I pushed her down on all 4s and kept my cock in her mouth. I worked the vibrator in her pussy, turning it on and working it in and out.

See, this is what they wanted.

She moaned out. 

Like being a whore? 

She was moaning on my cock while I fucked her with the vibrator.


I pulled out my cock and flipped her around to fuck her pussy. I gave her the vibrator to suck on while I fucked her. 

I'm going to cum.

Cum whore, cum 

She moaned out while she came. 

I put my finger in her ass and kept fucking her pussy while she sucked her toy.

Bet you wish there was a third guy. 

I spread her ass cheeks and spit in her ass hole, and worked my cock in.

Fucking her ass deep and hard.

This is Daddy's mouth, I covered her mouth.

These are Daddy's tits, I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples.

This is Daddy's pussy, I fingered her pussy.

And this is Daddy's ass, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down into the bed while I pumped her ass with my cock. 

I came deep, deep in her ass. 

I rolled over.

She laid panting.

Daddy, I love you





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