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Part 2


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Without a word he grab you by your hair and slaps you hard across the face again. And again. You instinctively pull your hands towards your face to protect yourself, only for him to tighten his grip on your hair as be kneels down to your eye level. “Put. Your. Fucking. Hands. Down. You. Stupid. Little. Whore.” The slight pause between each word amplifying the intensity of the moment. The tone of his voice calm but leaving you with absolutely no doubt that failure to heed this order would lead to consequences for you. As if to confirm this, he draws his face in close, just cms from your own, holding your gaze with a look in his eyes that make’s you instantly terrified and unbelievably turned on. He holds your gaze for a moment before dragging you closer to him and growling in your ear, “do not make me have to tell you again”. The warmth is his breath on your ear and the menace in his voice make your clit throb so hard you almost cum. You nod excitedly, keen to show you understand And to earn his praise. He pulls your head back by your hair. You flinch, but manage to keep your hands down by your sides. The self-congratulations in your internal monologue are interrupted by an intense flash of heat and light and his fingers flash across your face. Despite the room swirling around you, you manage to keep your hands pinned as another slap lands in the same place and then another to the other side of your face. If it wasn’t for his grip on your hair, you would have collapsed to the floor, but he holds you firmly in place as he lands one last slap across your face. Just as you feel like you don’t know whether you can take another one, he kneels down and softly kisses the side of your face. You can feel the heat radiate from side of your face and his lips feel cool against your skin. His grip on your hair loosens and his demeanour softens and he wraps his arms around you. You press your face into his chest as a huge wave of relief and excitement wash across you.

The smell of his aftershave fills your nostrils, a light warm smell that reminds you of him and you squeeze him tight burying yourself in his arms. You look up at him, searching his eyes for his approval. The juxtaposition of the affection to this moment to the last leaves your head swimming. “Well done kitten” he says stroking your hair. You kneel there. Naked and clinging to him as he holds you long enough to let your heart rate slowly come down and your breathing return to normal. After a min it two, he looks down at you and gently places his hand on the back of your neck. He pulls you into him and kisses you softly on the lips. Small kisses to start with, but building, until you passionately kissing. The rest of the world melts away and you feel his hands on you. He kisses down your neck, causing shivers to run down your spine and a soft moan to escape your lips. He whispers softly in your ear ‘Open your mouth’. Almost acting on instinct at this point, you obey without question. You eagerly swallow his spit without even being told to and giggle internally at what a nasty little fucktoy you are and how much you enjoyed that. Rivalled only by the buzz of the subsequent kiss on the forehead and accompanying praise. “Open your mouth” he growls, this time undoing the waistband of his trousers. You open as wide as you possibly can and look up at him with you cutest wide eyes. “Ughhh I fucking love my life” you think to yourself…
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