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How do others handle anorgasmia?

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I know this question isn't exactly on topic, but I thought this audience might have some interesting advice.

I can get aroused and excited all right, but I have a great deal of difficulty making it up the hill toward orgasm, even with vibrators and masturbating to my most powerful memories. Sometimes *** from twisting my nipples harshly will help get me there, but not reliably.

My biggest frustration is getting hotly aroused and then having no release to take the tension off. What do/would the rest of you do to cool down or find some kind of release in this situation?


I have experienced this difficulty myself and you have every sympathy from me! It could be due to medication if you are on any so that's worth checking out. I got through mine by push, push, pushing. Keep trying, don't let it put you off, enjoy the wind up don't curse it. Sometimes trying ***d orgasms can help but it didn't for me, I would get to the point and then all sensation would just drop away. It's an odd feeling. One you can't fully appreciate until you have been there yourself. 

It really depends on the cause as to how to manage it but most causes of anorgasmia tend to be psychological in origin whether it is a response to not feeling worthy enough for the pleasure or a conditioned response from a previous relationship. My advice would be to find the cause and then use that to work out the solution.

Good luck!



Thanks, Tilly.

I know part of the cause. Some meds I have to take that have no good alternatives are known to affect libido and ability to orgasm. Going off the meds, though, are not an option for me; I won't go into further details. But even before the meds, I semi-frequently had difficulty orgasming. I don't think I have any psychological blocks, believing healthily that I'm damned well entitled to pleasure and joy.

The heart of my issue is that sometimes I get so aroused and excited for so long at a plateau it starts getting tedious or even exhausting. I'd love to hear, for example, from those who might play sometimes with total orgasm denial, and how the denied person cools down since orgasm is not permitted (is that even a thing?). I'm also curious if anyone here achieves orgasm-like release through other sensations and activities. I used to be able to reach nipple orgasms from a delicious suckling, but I seem to have lost that too.

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