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When do i start?


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This was it. She knew she was going to ace this interview. After all, she had been to so many that she had the perfect answers down to a T. She got out of the shower and looked at the closet. What to wear? She wanted to look professional, yet fun. She pulled outfit after outfit until she landed on what one could almost compare to a schoolgirls uniform. A white button up blouse, a black pin stripped pencil skirt, nylon stockings, high heels, and a black blazer. Her hair was curled and lay against her back. Her makeup subtle but cute. She looked herself over once more and grabs her things. She pulls into the parking lot and gets out of her car. Walking slowely up the steps to the door and goes inside. Hi, im here to interview with Jason. The elderkly woman at the desk nods and smiles. Picks up the phone and says 'Jason, your 2 o clock is here. Ok i will send her in.' She hangs up the phone and ushers towards the office door. 'Good luck dear.' A genuine smile on her face.

Upon entering the office she is taken aback by how handsome her hopefully soon to be boss was. She was in such awe that she didnt even notice him speak at first. Im sorry, what was that? She asked embarrassed. 'My name is Jason, I am the hiring manager here. I've read your resume and you are an extraordinary candidate. Why us?'
Her hands began to shake from nerves and excitement. It was all she could do to not let her animalistic tendencies take over and rip this mans clothes off right there. She bit her lip nervously and replied I guess, I would have to say I very much enjoyed the reviews I read by previous employees and I wanted to see for myself.
He was sitting on the front of his desk so she stood up to be a little closer to his level. When she stood up from the leather chair however, her skirt seemed to push itself up above her thighs. Revealing a small portion of her buttcheek. She didnt even notice. But he did. And immediately the blood went rushing to his pants. He decided he was going to observe for a moment and see if he was imagining things or if she really wanted him. So he had her sit at the computer and fill out some legal paperwork for hire. He stood directly behind her as she stood there typing the necessary tax information and such. He stepped a little closer, her skirt was still up and he could see her pink thong slightly poking through in the front. Once again his blood rushed and he tried to adjust himself without her noticing. He reached his habd in front of her face and pointed at the monitor. His cologne now engulfing her and she inhaled deeply. 'Click here for the videos when you complete these pages.' While distracting her eyes by pointing at the monutor he was able to use his other habd to adjyst his niw rock hard cock. When he pulled his hand off the monitir back to his side she moved her body back with it. Causing her butt to caress the front of his pants for just a second. A smile spread across her face. And she pushed herself harder back into him. Slowely grinding and rubbing against him. She finally realized her skirt was up and as she brought her hand back to pull it down she felt his hand reach around her hip and squeeze. She could feel the juices in her pussy dripping as she placed her hand over his and moved it forward towards her pussylips. He tore through the stockings in seconds and was rubbing her clit. He spun her around and picked her up sitting her on the desk. He spread her legs and began kicking her. His fingers slowely inserting in her pussy then her ass. He stepped back and she fell to her knees and removed his pants. Pulling out his throbbing cock and sticking down her throat. He grabbed her hair and stood her up, spun her around and bent her over the desk. Her pussy was wet and tight. And it took him a few tries before his enormous cock would go in. He pounded her pussy. Pulling her hair and smacking her ass. She mianed in ecstasy and they came simultaneously. Upon redressing she sat back in the interview chair and smiled. So when do I start?

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