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Church of Kink / Jesus Play


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Hey fellow kinksters,  

I wanted to write a post about a concept I have for a workshop I  (and my partner) will be facilitating at a gathering in the summer.  

This concept started because of some kinky play around the theme of a good little chirstian girl compromising her faith and what the bible says by being tied up and fucked. And it eventually made me think more about how I could include more of that and be creative with the play... 

I started calling on the spirit of Jesus to "cum" in me and penetrate me, create kinky bible verses and prayers, have a sexual blessing from a "priest", speak about Gods love for me while I was being fucked... whatever, you get the idea. 

I did this because when I first started off in the kink and fetish scene I was carrying a lot of baggage and shame due to my very religious past and wanted to fuck the repression if you like. 

I'd like to do a kinky church service at the event we're going to... I have some ideas... 

A kinky sermon (which will kind of be the introduction to the workshop as well as a mock sermon centred around god love for our sexual desires, jesus having orgies with his 12 disciples, letting the love of god cum in us and fuck our sexual repression out of us) 

A cross that you can be tied to and flogged

Made up kinky scriptures and prayers for people to use

A Jesus who will give you sexual blessings

A communion service that represents the body and the cum of Jesus christ 

A slutty mother Mary 

And Im also going to just let groups do their own thing... whether its acting their sexual scenes out in front of people, keeping it more to themselves,  or just watching and feeling the edge of it... 

I just wanted to share my idea and also ask for some ideas from you and maybe a suggestion of a kink forum with a religious theme / undertones that could give me some inspiration? 

Thanks guys! 


I'm curious to explore Jewish religion as a link fetish toy

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