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**TW** Castle Play 3

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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Knife play


I don't hear anyone in the hall.

I make my way out of the dark corner. I should go back up the stairs...but after hearing another scream farther down the hall, curiosity won out.

As I ran past another door, it was slightly open.

From the ceiling two chains hung down with rings on them.

On the floor was a straw mat and bundles of rope....Shibari.

I heard the same scream again.

It echoes through the hall. 

Turning to the next I heard moaning and peeked in...the room was lit with candles and in the middle of the room a beautiful woman tied to a bed spread eagle.

A man was dripping candle wax all over her abdomen, breasts, legs and shaven snatch. When the drips would hit skin she would moan in pleasure.

That scream again.

I ran to the next door.

I jumped as a loud scream came from behind it.

There was a man tied to a St. Andrews cross. Blindfolded and facing forward with a huge erection.  

A dark haired woman was slowly drawing a dagger down his chest to his cock, but there was no *** and yet he was screaming as if he were being cut.

She pulled another dagger out of a bucket of ice and slid it dager down his thigh. Another scream of ***. No ***. She turned...our eyes locked...she nodded her head to come in.

I turned and ran....farther down the hall. I was going deeper.

I wish I would have listened to Daddy. I am so scared.


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