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Grocery Run - erotic story

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I saw you at the store.

Unexpectedly our eyes locked across the grocery store and my breath escaped me. Even with only a glance, I recognized that fierce sparkle in your eye. That one you used to reserve for when you looked at me. My heart quickened immediately and I flushed. You saw it. I didn’t want you to see it. Dammit. I grabbed something. What was it? Sliced cheese. Sure, I could have a use for it. Was there anything else I needed? Who cares. Not that important. Time to go.

I tried to be quick making my way to the front of the grocery store while at the same time hoping to appear casual. I turned up and down a few random aisles on the way trying to be harder to track. I managed to sneak a few glances around me but I didn’t see you. Was I being silly and paranoid while you were simply continuing on with whatever errand brought you here? Maybe. The line was short, but the cashier slow. I’m overreacting. Probably. I felt nervous, but I also felt something (familiar) else. Warmth, tingling down below. Stop it.

Stepping into the parking lot I hurried to my small SUV. I was parked in the smaller side lot. Busy lot, daylight, very public. I’m fine, it’s safe. I took a deep breath and loaded the groceries into the trunk. While putting the shopping cart away, I gave myself a moment to really look around. Clearly being paranoid. You were no where to be seen.

I was reaching for the driver side door when I was suddenly pushed hard against my vehicle with a hand over my mouth. It was you, I was terrified.

“Hello slut,” you said calmly into my ear. I tried to push you off, but your weight held me down. Very quickly I realized you were lifting up my sweater and ripping down my leggings and panties. I tried to yell and scream but your hand muffled my voice. My eyes searching in panic for someone to see and save me as I felt your hard dick push against my asshole. NO! Not there! There wasn’t anyone to be seen in the side lot and my vehicle blocked the view of anyone parked towards the front of the store.

I pushed off the vehicle and struggled to get away but you were stronger and it was all happening so fast. To better control me, you yanked my hair, opened the drivers side door, and shoved my face down into the seat. With the door open we were even further blocked from view. While you had me firmly bent over you took one second to admire and caress my naked ass in the sunlight, before smacking me hard and shoving your entire dick into my unprepared asshole. I felt every inch of your huge cock rip into me. Your hand muffling my cries and screams of pain as you began fucking me. It hurt, but I could feel myself getting wet. Please don’t notice how wet I am. Your hand over my face made it hard to breath as you pounded hard and quickly. Each thrust filling my asshole so completely I felt torn in two.

Pressing me roughly into the seat you came deep and hard inside me. In one motion you pulled out and shoved two fingers into my pussy. I screamed at the new sensation. “Quickie in your ass got your pussy all slick, didn’t it? It's never enough for you greedy lil whore. Until next time.” And at that you were gone. Leaving me used and dripping with your cum.

Please tell me you're making another 😍
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