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Bad mood

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I'm curled up on the sofa, brew in one hand, book in the other, lost in the fantasy world in the pages before me.
The front door opening makes me jump followed by a beaming smile as you appear.
You look tired but I greet you cheerfully. 'Hi sir, good day?'
'Fine, thank you' you reply.
I chew my bottom lip, you're never this short with me, you don't seem your usual self 'Would you like a drink? Kettles just boiled or I could....'
'No, thanks' you interrupt me.

I uncurl myself and approach you, positioning between your legs before kneeling in front of you, my hands resting on your thighs as I look up into your eyes. No words are needed, just your subs eyes meetings yours,  telling you I'm here to serve you.

Your hand grabs my throat dragging to me to a standing position as you stand. 'Hands behind your back' you growl at me. I immediately obey, clasping my hands together. You rip open my top revealing my supple tits. You love it when i dont wear a bra, such a good slut you think to yourself, though not uttering the words knowing I love to hear them.
Still holding my throat, you lead me around the sofa before bending me over it, my skirt lifting to reveal my round peachy ass, framed by a thong.  You gently rub it, admiring me from where you stand, your dying to get your cock out and fuck both holes. You refrain, instead pulling your hand back and spank a cheek hard. I jump and moan slightly but hold my position.  You do it again to my other cheek, both now with a nice red hand print of them.  You stand back admiring the start of your handy work.

You leave me briefly stood there, bent over looking like a whore, and return with a paddle.
You rub it over my ass before swiping it down at full force. I whince and hold back a whimper and moan.
You repeat it again in the same spot, knowing it will hurt more. I grit my teeth through the pain and squeeze my eyes.
My ass is growing redder, you can't help but run your hands over it. I moan softly at your gentle touch, a relief from the paddle.
Another 2 smacks make me yelp and my fingers grip together so much you can see the whites of my knuckles.
'Had enough slut?' You ask
'No sir' I whimper, not letting you know how much my ass is stinging.
You let out a small huff, your sadistic side wanting me in tears and begging for mercy.  You know exactly what im doing, you know im taking the abuse so you can release some stress.
You land one last strike with full force right across the centre, hitting both ass cheeks at the same time. It makes me lunge forward and i cry out. The pain radiating down my legs, it taking everything I have to keep my legs up and stop me collasping on the floor.  Tears roll down my cheeks and I shakily regain composure and return to my bent over position.

'Spread your legs' you tell me
Again I obey immediately. You can smell my wet pussy beckoning you to taste it, my body betraying me telling you how much I love them pain you out me through.
You kneel down and push me up onto my tiptoes so you can lick from my clit to my asshole.  You hear me moan as you continue to rim me.  You push a finger into my ass and hold it there. You can feel me push back trying to get more in. You oblige and push a 2nd finger in and hear me moan 'fuck sir' as you start to fuck my ass with your fingers.  You stand, your fingers still in me and push my head further down. 'Don't move' you tell me.
You remove your fingers from me and watch me as I hold position. You know it will be uncomfortable, but you don't care. I'm here for your pleasure.
You grab my hair and pull me away from the sofa before pushing me to my knees in front of you. You stand before me and grab my chin pulling it down and pushing the fingers that have just been in my ass into my mouth. I suck them, cleaning them for you, my eyes looking up at you as I do.
'Such a good slut' you tell me stroking my cheek with the other hand.
You pull your fingers out of my mouth and glance down at your bulging cock, trapped behind your jeans.
'Get it out whore'
I bite my lip and eagerly undo your jeans,  pulling your boxers down and letting your cock spring out. I lick my lips and glance up at you again, dying to lick the precum from the tip of you but waiting for permission.  You know exactly what I'm thinking
'Its yours' You tell me. No sooner as you utter the words my tongue licks it up, a small trail lingering as I pull my head away. Your hands grab the hair at the back of my head and you push my mouth down onto your cock making me take you in whole. I gag immediately but you don't care. You thrust in and out, holding my head firmly in place as I continue to gag and moan, my hands still clasped behind my back as instructed. Siliva drips out my mouth as mascara runs down my face from the tears.
You can feel yourself getting close so you pull out. 'Wank me' you instruct 'and keep that mouth open'
You watch as I obey again, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I try to catch my breath as my hands work your cock. I feel your balls tense before you moan and shoot your load onto my face, you aiming for my mouth. 
Cum dripping down my face and onto my chest.
You know I'm dying to scoop it up with my fingers and feed it to myself but you deny me that pleasure.
You put your cock away and walk away leaving me knelt watching you, still covered in your cum. Pausing by door you turn your head to look at me
'You're a good little cumslut'
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