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**TW** On the hunt - The Capture

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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Captivity / Abduction


I returned to her home. I sat on her couch and contemplated. There were several hours till night fall. My prize would be home in a few hours. I waited.

In the evening she entered her hours, keys jangling. She hung her jacket in the closet and placed her purse over the corner of a chair in the kitchen. She grabbed something to eat, sat at the table, and started to work. My attack was quick. Straight from behind, arm around her throat, other arm behind the head pressing, and lifting her into the air. She could not scream. The pressure on her carotid quickly incapacitated her. The feel of her body against mine made the intensity inside of me ferocious. I carried her to her bedroom.

I laid her face down on her bed. Quickly now, blood flow was returning. I tied her arms behind her back. She was very limber. Her hands touched the other elbow on both arms. The rope was tied from wrist to wrist encircling both arms. I placed a gag ball in her mouth and fasted it tightly behind her head. She started to move. She struggled a little but as her consciousness returned she bucked wildly. I shoved her head into the mattress. Her air supply had been shut off. I spoke to her for the first time.

“If it continues to fight, it will die.” She went limp. Either from the lack of air or the loss of will to fight. I did not care, but I hoped it was the former. I tied her ankles together. I took my time and wrapped her legs neatly. I was reminded of summers as a kid on my grandfathers ranch. We would break the yearlings as they approached their second year. There was so much vigor in them. They would fight for no other reason than the only thing they had ever known was freedom. They did not know the rope yet. We fashioned bridles, and tied the bridle to their hind legs. This way, whenever they kicked, they would force their own head down. It would take hours for them to learn that kicking only resulted in harming themselves. I tied her rope starting at her knees, over the calves, wrapping around her legs, all the up to her ankles. I fed the rope up her back, under her bound arms, and circled her neck once. The rope was tied off to itself so it wouldn’t tighten like a slip knot. This way if she tried to straighten her legs she would only choke herself. I had wondered if any of my slaves would choke themselves to death. The first time was very scary for me. I didn’t want to lose my prize. None had ended themselves, yet. The will to live surpasses most instincts.

I patted her softly. She squirmed a little at my touch. If a slave was properly trussed there was little they could do anyway. A large duffel bag was placed on the floor at the foot of her bed. I slid her to the edge, and lowered her into it. The slaves muscles strained as realization set in. She screamed her pointless scream. I was rock hard. I had time. I could indulge myself. I waited.

I sat in her kitchen, eating food, watching the day grow longer, waiting. I was thinking of the first steps. This filly had only ever known freedom. Would she be hard to break? A human is different than an animal. They have the ability to think beyond the now, to plan. I had to make her understand the only way she would live, was total obedience to me. She had to understand that my order were law. I had to act fast. I had to be consistent. I wanted her to live as well. So I also had to be willing to let her settle into her new life. I had to have patience and compassion.

It’s something most people will never understand about the master slave relationship. The master or mistress has so much compassion for their slave. The slave wouldn’t be allowed to know it, not at first if ever. They truly love their slave. It is as much apart of them as they are of it. I have named this period, “the join up.”

At dark I fetch my car, and backed into her drive way. My treasure was loaded to the trunk. It didn’t move. I was tempted to check her, but did not want to waste time. I was vulnerable here. It was exciting for me, yet I didn’t enjoy traveling back to my dungeon. The intensity inside of me was tidal. I drove off into the night, my hand wrapped around the steering wheel, squeezing.

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