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Lucy Gets In Trouble


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Lucy Gets In Trouble

When he returned to the living room, no one else was in place. They were in the kitchen and Lucy was cooking while the other two watched.

He could not believe Lucy was the one who had called them into the kitchen.

“You didn’t stay where I said!” Oliver exclaimed, approaching the kitchen counter with the whiteboard. “Lucy!”

“Sorry!” she said, not caring much. “Julian had pasta in his backpack. We’re all hungry.”

“Okay. At least everyone is still here. Let’s set the assignments, then?” he asked, getting the pen.

“Nobody’s up for it! Nobody cares” Lucy said, still stirring the noodles.

Natasha and Justin laughed.

Oliver stared at her.

“Are you trying to show off to your new colleagues, Lucy?” he said, so firmly that they all stared at him immediately. His voice was serious, from a commander. Suddenly, Natasha could picture him in the army as an officer.

Lucy stared at him with her eyes wide. She realized she had gone too far. Oliver was not kidding anymore. His mouth was in a line shape and his face was serious. Dominant. Firm. Lucy felt the familiar shiver of *** mixed with desire.

“Put that away,” Oliver said to the girl, ignoring the other two in the room, who looked at each other. Julian looked worried, but Natasha smiled with her eyes. Lucy handed the spoon to Natasha and headed toward Oliver, who continued, “I want to talk to you alone. Excuse me, guys” he said, turning to the other two.

“She’s in trouble,” Natasha said, smiling, as Oliver and Lucy walked into the bedroom.


Lucy trembled slightly when she was ordered to lie on her bed, face down, butt up, and wait, without turning her head.

Oliver pushed away the things that crowded the place, carelessly, making loud noises, which increased the tension the girl felt. With each blow of something thrown in the suitcase, Lucy jumped in place. She could not look there, because Oliver had expressly ordered her to remain in that position, unmoving, and she knew he was angry.

She would get a spanking… real one. And not jokingly, like when they had sex.

She swallowed, feeling the area between her legs throb. She could not help but feeling excited about it. She did not love the ***. It hurt like hell. Each stroke produced a wave that spread all over her body and did not take long until the next one to follow, even before she could handle all the *** of the first.

But she liked how he ordered her to do things and she had no choice but to obey. She felt horny in the way his firm hand held her in place. How he was not afraid to do that to her. So strong and intense. She had already dated others who could barely slap her, even with her begging, saying they wouldn’t hurt her, telling them she wouldn’t be aroused in any other way. But not Oliver. He was not afraid to be firm, to put her in place.

Oliver finished putting things in order. He did this to calm down, too. He never would hit Lucy when he was furious. It was no time for emotions, which could distract him. He needed to be in complete control of the situation. It was what he loved most in those scenes. When he felt calm enough, he went to his backpack.

He had only brought the essentials. He thought he could summon Lucy later to buy the rest of the utensils they needed. There were several stores that made that kind of product. Large, firm paddles. Canes of wood or metal. Hand knotted whips. It would be very interesting to make Lucy choose the toy that would be used on her later. But he knew he needed to bring one they already had, because he did not know if he would have to use it before they had the chance to buy more, as was the case.

He chose a heavy paddle. Thirty centimeters, eight large holes, sturdy wood. It was not so quiet, but he wanted his new colleagues to hear Lucy’s fate. He wanted her to know that everyone was listening.

“Lift your skirt and lower your panties,” Oliver ordered, tough.

Lucy trembled so hard she could barely obey. She felt her cold stomach, itchiness rising through her back, and she wanted so much to put her hand in her private parts and soothe the heat that consumed her. She wanted to cum. She was curious to know what Oliver would use on her, and she was also anxious about what would follow.

When she obeyed, Oliver smiled and appreciated the scene. Her little body. Her butt and legs exposed to him while the rest remained covered in school uniform. So *** under his hands, he could do anything. He knew confidence it took for someone to submit to that position. He appreciated this for a second. She was his entire world.

But she needed to learn a lesson.

And he was crazy to teach her.

He moved closer to her and put his hand on her ass. She shivered beneath him, which made him stiffen at once. Her body was warm. He felt her skin prickling with anticipation of what he would do. He almost wanted to stop it and take her now, but he knew he couldn’t. He liked it too much to stop.

“Do you know why you will get spanked?” he asked, making his voice sound as steady as possible. Lucy shuddered again.

“Yes, sir,” she said, and her voice hardly came out.

“So, tell me.”

“I was rude to you.”

“To you what?”

“Sir,” she corrected, startled. He smiled.

“Very well. Therefore, you will receive twelve strokes. I want you to count and thank me after each one. Do you understand?” He asked. The girl moaned saying nothing. He slapped her ass hard. She jumped in place with a cry. His hand burned, but he didn’t even notice. “Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” she added, ***fully.

“Good” he said and began.

The first blow came strong as an explosion. Lucy closed her eyes tightly, feeling the involuntary tears in her eyes, the anger, wanting to get out of there. Why did she let him do it to her? Why did she want him to do this to her? She would not accept it; she would rise from there and claim her rights...

Before she could do anything, she felt her hair being pulled up. She stared at him in ***, feeling another wave of uncontrollable heat invade her body, as it always did when he pulled her that way.

“You forgot to count, naughty girl,” Oliver said and smiled, letting go of her hair


Thank you so much! It’s a wonderful story.
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