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my kitten yearns from this day forth

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The awakening...

The more we talked the more I found myself wondering what you would say about this or that. The more we shared, the more I was drawn to you, wanting to know more and share more. The more we laughed or just got by together, the more I found that just the sound of your day brought out the good parts of my own.

And when we play...though constrained by the miles...I feel your energy surround me, encircle me, flow into me, until I can't tell where I stop and you begin. The *** melts into pleasure and time stands still. And I crave when unleash a sting on my ass, jangle the tiny weight of a little soft leather clamp on my nipples, place the burn of your teeth into my lobe lovingly not marking you, the cruel and teasing things I could whisper to you, pull slightly more the tightness of your bonds to fully capture you, the cold steel of your handcuffs and a chain pressed against my thigh and neck, between my legs, your hands on my body hurting and caressing in the same instant...

And when we are alone...imagining one hand around my throat, the other gripping my hair ***fully, making me beg for what you really want, I feel desperate and crazy, ***ed by an emptiness that I need to fill. And if and when you do, the world might explodes around me and all I know, all I feel might then be you...

And when you hold me in your arms...and you tell me what a good girl i am, my heart will smile and my soul will sparkle.

I wasn't looking for you but longing for something. But now I crave you and the things you could potentially do to me.

There wasn't a hole in my heart, just a sadness, but you have found a place inside it, it expanded to include you.

My soul wasn't longing for a connection, but the connection we are building is there and my soul opened up to accept your energy into it.

I wasn't looking for you, but I found you nonetheless...and I know how lucky I am that I did...and now I imagine being with you...it feels warm.

Daddy in waiting ( I am not presumptuous )
I am open like the petals of a blooming rose to falling for you.

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