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Be careful what you wish for (dark tale)

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I've received several requests to capture reader fantasies. Two wanted something considerably darker than my more sensual romantic style so I thought I'd give it a go. See what you think and let me know in the comments below..

Be careful what you wish for

Now my grovelling cumslut, each small task over the last year has been a carefully crafted step in your eventual deconstruction - your downfall before the big reconstruction. Let's recap.

Our initial meeting was a necessary but modest step in your destiny. I was merciful in limiting your humiliation in not sending you home dripping and stained with my cum juices shot all across your tiny sluttish skirt on the tube. I'm nothing if not kind and your skimpy panties were mostly barely invisible under your short swinging raincoat. Sir's Whore branded into your inner thigh in indelible marker did grab some attention as intended.

I travelled in spirit with you on your solo trips in town, the instrument of my oppression grinding silently inside you controlled via my app. I laughed merrily when you doubled up in almost unceasing orgasm in the middle of the shopping mall atrium. And the screams of your beautiful agony elicited the desired shocked looks from fellow shoppers on the escalator.

You haunted the regeneration of my WW2 concrete garden bunker. All through its excavation, mindful of its future purpose, I could bearly contain myself as my contractors tried to second us. The thick leather manocles embedded in the wall sconses eventually gave the game away.

Unwittingly you grasped my hand through your first outdoor naked photo session in a dystopian brick ruin so close to the airport runway that you felt certain the arrivals hall would be pregnant with gossip. I plan to publish the poem you inspired that day as a souvenir of your exposed erosion.

You've shared my images of your sexual suspension and whired out use by that gang from the urban car wash with all the people from your lifelong network.  So many bridges burned there forever ha ha.

Your own hankering for body modification and futility is indeed now an inevitability. The only unknowns are its pace.

Like a comet hurtling uncontrollably towards its end days you orbit your normal world in body but your fate is sealed.

An investment in hypnosis shows the potential for your mindlessness while the equipment for your restraint gathers slowly in my windowless garage mascarasing as innocent items..an engine Wynch and chains. .brewing accoutrements like buckets and tubes..steel constraints as clamps. I'm excited as I began plans for conversion of the room to a steampunk style inventor's laboratory where you will spend your harnessed days awaiting to serve.

Mindful of images from fritz lang's metropolis your darkened smokey eyes make you a perfect poster child.

Harnesses hang innocently hiding echos of their role in strapping you tightly at my groin every night. I will sleep warmly thrust into your prepared mouth dedicated to its primary task..a soft welcolming home for my cock and receptacle for its juices. The tightness of the leather head harness will be a comfort to you. Squeezing pretence of all extraneous thought from your body, your identity now subverted and dedicated to serving my need. You are extremely happy and fulfilled your dehuminised existance unrecognisably objectified.

You make me so happy.

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