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Dehuminised fuckdoll steps forward ( dark)

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You called the puppet master because for as long as you can remember you secretly harboured a curiosity about what it might be like to be mindless. Time and sexual awakening drove you further and transformed this desire into a necessity.

You need this now and emboldened by the small ad tucked away in the personals section you dared make contact. The first step...or so you thought. ..but how wrong could you be?

Six months later..

This wasn't the first step on slippery slope ..not a dipping of toes into the dark water of sublimation. BIG MISTAKE. Did you think this was a game?

Your will removed you have absolutely no way back. None. Irreversible hypnotism. Objectified empty headed and dedicated to your true purpose.

Your cunt is niw so sensitive that even the mildest stimulus makes you dripping wet and ready for penetration. And the beauty is, you cannot help it. Just the feel of your breath inhaling and exhaling makes you tremble uncontrollably.  Any external stimulus makes you gush.

The potion has changed you into a doll, a thing without a will, and it trapped your soul inside. And slut,  I can tell you this. There really is no escape out of this, fighting it is futile. All your means of communication with the outside world are cut by the power of your own desire. It's what you truly wanted. Dredmed of. Needed. Otherwise you could walk out of that unchained door tomorrow. But because of your own decision you simply  cannot. And tomorrow you will be sold at auction and your fate sealed.  You are just a sex-doll. No more, no less.

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*gulp* Someone's got quite an imagination....


Very powerful to me in my life right now..... hit home true and hard.

I am so into the mental mind stimulation and control this is yet another erotic writing of you sir @Purrfectpanther 


Oh no what happened...lol 😊

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