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Cuck Cums too Quick


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She needed Daddy because her cuck husband couldnt satisfy her.

After 2 kids and in her early 40s her body changed and so did her sex drive. She went from a small D cup to an overflowing E with great hips and ass. Curly brown hair and big blue eyes.

She wanted to be a cock whore and get fucked.

I was on the couch next to her husband. She was on her knees sucking each of us.  Switching, sucking one and jerking the other.

She was jerking us both. Daddy, do you want to fuck my pussy first while I suck my husband?

He came all over himself.

See. Cuck cannot get past a handjob.

I got behind her and started fucking her wet pussy.

He won't be able to get it up again, Daddy. You're going to have to fuck all my holes and make me a whore.

I fucked her deep and hard and fast. Pulling her hair. Slapping her ass.

I'm going to cum she yelled.

She came hard, screaming.

See what Daddy dick can do?

I rolled her on her back, and fucked her mouth.

Eat my pussy she told her husband. He licked her pussy. She grabbed his head and made him bury his face in it. 

I grabbed her head and made her swallow all of me. I grabbed her huge tits and tugged her nipples. She moaned out and came again.

Cum on my pussy she yelled. She pushed her husband back. I slid my cock back in her pussy and filled her up. Pumped her and made those huge tits bounce.

I pulled out. I grabbed my cock with one hand, and a huge tit with the other and jerked my cock. 

I shot my load all over her pussy. I squeezed out every drop.

She looked at her husband and told him to clean her up.

He buried his face in her pussy and made her moan

Love this, I've being lucky enough to have been in two cuckold relationships, where I was kept in chastity and my gf was a total cock whore to worthy bulls
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