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*** play question


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anyone into *** play and got some good tips to keep things safe? just read this article ... i've been interested in *** play for awhile and want to look into it more.

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I don't have much of an answer for you because I don't have experience to back it up, but it's certainly important to know which parts of the body will bleed the most. The submissive guide article (there's a link to it in the article you shared) has a really helpful picture of the zones to avoid. Cutting the femoral artery is really dangerous, because there's a lot of *** flowing really fast, and someone could easily bleed out and die. So, the top, side, and back of the thighs is a pretty good place (as long as you watch the arteries) as well as the forearms (but not the wrists). Other than that, I think a basic thing that will help keep things safe is communicate, because the person doing any sort of cutting can't feel how much pressure they're putting on someone, so it's really important for the person receiving to communicate how they're feeling and whether or not the pressure is good. Hope that helps a bit!

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I hope that you get a more expert response than mine as I have only very minor *** experience and not from a *** play approach.

Safety though I can help with.

1, Study anotomy, with emphasis on the arterial system and also on the various positions of glands close to the surface of the body.

This will be invaluable for impact play as well... It goes without saying that you don't want to cut arteries, veins or damage near surface glands.

2. You will need a full emergency dressings, first aid pack with at least some adhesive sutures/stitches. If you break it you mend it. The golden rule.

3. Make sure you are providing stellar aftercare or the person you played with has made their own arrangements for that. If they have not and you are not it may well be your duty of care to cancel.

4. You are going to practice all of this on your self until you are totally error free. Yes it will hurt but you will be make your mistakes on your own body.
Make damn sure you did the anatomy and bought the emergency kit first.

5. Start little, within the dermatological layer or just below. Trust me you will not have to be all slash happy as paper cuts hurt like a Mother. I Squeeze and they bleed well, but easy to control to.

As I said I am no expert in this area but decade's of play in other edge play means these are the measures I would use to mitigate risk to my girl.

I hope you get a better answer and enjoy your journey 🙏

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