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Any Time, Any Place


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They were on the back deck hosting a few people for BBQ when the doorbell rang.

They looked at each other, and he got up to get the door.

Their bull was at the door.

Um... We have company now.

The agreement was any time, any place. The time is now and the place is here.

Yeah... But we have company now.

So you want to see me use your wife?

Yeah, but...

Then now.

She walked up to the door and he eyes got big.

Now? Oh my God, we have people here.

NOW. The bull said.

She led the bull up the stairs and he went to that back porch.

Sorry, we need to take care of something really quick with the master bathroom. Will be back in a minute.

He walked in the the bedroom. Her head was hanging off the edge of the bed while the bull face fucked her. Her big tits were pulled out of her tank top, and the bull has hiked up her skirt and was finger banging her .

Jesus Fucking Christ he exclaimed.

His wife moaned through the bull's cock. 

He made her swallow all of it 

Her husband just watched.

The bull slid his cock in to her and she moaned out.

He pumped her, she moaned more.

Shhhh her husband said.

The bill pumped her harder and faster and deeper.

She screamed out.

The bull pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy and stroked it. The bull shit his huge creamy load all over her face while her pussy throbbed and the bull tugged on her nipples.

Her face was covered with the bulls cum.

The bull put his pants on and walked to the bedroom door. 

You should lick that mess off of your wife.

Yes sir he replied.

Do you have such a good way with words keep up the good work
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