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Is there anything  you would do for your partner.


When master an. I got togther I offerd to start wearing makeup an getting my nails done.  But he said no because before we got togther when we were just freinds who went for coffee I never wore makeup  or did my nails then.  That is not who i am an he is with me for who I an know an does not want me to change. 


He did tell me I was not allowed to cut my hair short. I grow my hair then cut it short then about a week  later I get miserable an grouchy because I hate my short hair an then grow it again.  So he said to stop me getting miserable till my hair grows back an to save his saints he would prefer I dis not cut it short any more. I can get dead ends an split ends if I have any cut but that's it.


Master does shave as I prefer  men with out facial hair. 

In general I agree with master. My only caveat to my agreement is when supporting someone to grow and achieve there potential.
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