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Believe in Cherries (A hit for Shloer reimagined)

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No matter how hard I try

There's a hard stone inside
And I can't break through
My heart is torn in two

It's so sad that you're leaving
The top of my black forest gateau is bleeding
But after all is said and done
We know you're not THE one.

Do you believe that life can blossom
From a cocktail so clearly rotton?
It's glacial on my own at night
But taking you back ain't right.

When you feel empty inside you so
Get up and dance a merrango
Where once my absence would give you the pip
We've prunussed our world it'll be ok you know.

What am I supposed to do?
I can't sit around and wait for desert
Well I can't do that
I'm avoiding saturated phat.

You've driven me menthol for the last time
I'm moving on I need love to feel spry
Coz I've had time to think it through
From now on my berries are blue.

Do you believe that life can blossom
When my libedo's hit rock bottom
My yog hurts and has become a bore
The bowl's just not super any more.

Apologies to cher and lovers of black cherries like me x

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