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Ways to incorporate the god•goddess/worshipper relationship dynamic verbally, through play, rules, etc.


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So I’m very new to this whole bdsm scene but the goddess/worshipper dynamic seems… interesting. I’d like to learn more about it and just hear from you guys ways you incorporate it into your lifestyle and maybe examples of how you would go about play in a scene and let’s say it’s maybe.. Uhm (bare with me please) a god/worshipper relationship dynamic and also there’s cock worship incorporated into it like (is that a thing?) Please speak so in the comments any and as much as you’re willing to share with me. Avid learner, and know I will gain something from this post, and hopefully I can gauge how interested I may be into this kink from your shared knowledge. Thank you hope you’re having a good day :)
Well it really comes down to the connection, trust and the most important one's Chemistry, trust, consent and boundaries. To me those are what I use to develop and divulge into s fantasy. Clear communication let's you guide them through dreams and fantasy
Firstly you need to understand yourself and your motivations - why do you think you would make a good dominant/Goddess/whatever? What kind of dominant do you think you would be? What kind of submissive do you think would be your "type"? All of those and more should be questions you ask yourself.
Once you have answers then you can begin to look for someone that "fits" and the first step when you have should be an open and honest conversation about what you think the dynamic will look like, will it be 24/7, just in the bedroom etc - that then enables you to start to see how you incorporate it into your lives.
I know this isn’t even really an answer to your question.. I’m not really sure how to answer it but I just wanted to say something about the second pic with the long hair has me fucking falling on the floor. You’re sooo freaking cute. I hope you find your happiness!
It's different for everybody, but if you want a worship kink to carry through 24/7 use small rituals you can do publicly without it seeming wierd. Like one of you always opens the door, or goes through first. One of you always stands first in a line.

Then have larger rituals such as one of you always makes coffee on the morning and presents it in a particular way ( such as in silence with head bowed).

You don't have to "act out the kink" constantly putting energy in . Just have these little rituals which reminded you you that the relationship has this dynamic.

Then when you are alone you can make the rituals a little more intense - like having to knock before entering the room and asking before you can leave.

Then have very intense rules for play - no eye contact without permission , only allowed to sit on floor. Must do foot massage, or spicy stuff like "must rest hands on erogenous areas of (own or partners) body but no caressing without permission".

If you have rituals you can have a normal conversation and do normal stuff like Jagger a conversation and take the recycling out, but there rituals make it a bit more erotic / part of the dynamic

There really can be no clear answer to the question of dynamics you've posed here as the 'dynamics' have as many infinite variables as do the people involved and the limits they have for themselves, as a couple or member of a group.
I sympathize with your plight though.  Without some kind of actual experiences to go by you can only have a vague idea of your own expectations much less gage how you fit into the expectations of what others might have.  Finding what is appropriate for you will depend on the level trust you can build around you.  Much of this experience is all about comfort zones and testing the limits by stepping outside of them...the rub of course is when the trust you gave is tested, will your predetermined conditions be respected. 
Trust is the most dangerous thing you can give someone in this life.  You are potentially giving away a lot of power over your very life.  I know I had to learn that when the hard way...still learning for that matter.
Personally speaking, my best relationships have started with a mutual level of trust and built on that trust as we both grow, expanding our parameters as we go, never exceeding our mutual agreed limits.  No one should ever put you in a dangerous situation that you don't agree with or they are more concerned with their own selfish needs than anything mutual.  Big red flag there.
Someone mentioned an extraction of that with ritual.  I'd have to agree with that especially if your social situation prevents living the lifestyle 24/7.
If we've learned anything from the last six years or so it should be that the world is not getting to be a safer place.  The politics of hate are established and growing which should make everyone more situationally aware whenever they're in public at the very least.
Be safe.

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