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Public play

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The sun beats down on to the quiet carpark, distant growling of a car engine being used roughly.


I walk to you, your car door open I smile hello kitten.


You look up eyes alive legs to the side, Hello Sir I have been waiting. I lean down to kiss you gently but making sure to bite your lip.


I run my hand up your thigh, up your flowery dress all the way to a valley of misadventure, the stream oveeflowing with excitement.


You remembered no panties Good Girl as you look up at me appreciating the praise. I slide one finger in opening you slowly, listening to your gasp at the fitst touch from me. Your eyes are distant in sub space, your nipples like a volcanic eruption waiting to happpen, pushing through the dress. 


I rub my fingers along your valley, over a mound and in to a small cave where i find your throbbing clit. I rub it using your pussy as lube, your groans fill the air. 


Sliding my fingers in you now two exploring, proding poking but your body does not react as I wished. I slow down curling my fingers upwards, touching the roof of your cave, then the waterfalls flow, the air is alive once more, fingers hooked in you cum my kitten.


As your body shakes I slide a finger in your bum, you gasp but smile. Lets go in the back seat, I pick you up and slide you along the seat. Legs open I explore your bum looking for the spot you love. Again it is only just inside you I hook my finger once more and your body lets me know it is in heaven. I slide a finger  your pussy dping you with my fingers, you squirm and slide, moan and scream, push and pull on my fingers, you explode but I have no intention on slowing. I know your spots I keep massaging them 3, 4, 5 and 6 now you must rest as you slump exhausted. 


I lean down and bite your inner thigh, you gasp. I now own you kitten


I await the next instalment patiently 

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